What do you really think about green as a handbag color?

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  1. Do you like it? Does it go well incorporated into your wardrobe?
  2. My green bags are staples. I wear them with solids for a splash of color.
  3. Love it!
  4. It's not calling to me personally...am in a blue and burgundy phase. But I'd love to see more of it on others. A neutral olive could be quite versatile.
  5. I'm on the hunt for the perfect green bag myself! I love them, but make sure to pick a green that will match your wardrobe.
  6. Olive, bottle green, spruce are all very versatile and go with almost anything. If you love to wear purple, green is a perfect accessory color.
  7. I love green bags! They go with almost everything.
  8. Olive would be fab with my wardrobe (if you can call it that!).
  9. Blue is more for me. I do like olive though
  10. Green is my favorite color. Urban Oufitters has a pretty cute green bag from Sabina. I will get the pic...
  11. 14149587_30_b.jpg

    its $225
  12. I think green is a great colour for a bag, but the only green bag I have is is a Marc Jacobs canvas with leather handles. Just the same, the green always relaxes me whenever I carry it!
  13. that I was a green bag kind of girl I always thought blue, but DH surprised me with a light green balenciaga, and it is now my fave of the five I have.
    Very versatile, it's a great neutral.
  14. I love green bags - especially olive.
  15. I love green bags! I think that they coordinate with many other colors.