what do you put your feminine hygenie in?

  1. I was thinking about getting a big wristlet or make up bag to put my feminine stuff in... what do you use if you use something by coach.
  2. I just put a couple tampons in the bottom of my makeup bag (sig stripe med case)

    bc pills are in a mini skinny
  3. I use this small cosmetic case...it's amazing what will fit in this little thing and it's the perfect length for tampons.
  4. I use the beaded brown and gold coach wristlet from last fall's coach line. It's perfect and looks so good just carrying it out at lunch/ dinner when I don't want a huge bag.
  5. I use O.B. tampons so they're realllllly tiny. I have an itsy bitsy case that came with a sample that's really cute. I keep 3 of them in the case inside my make up bag.
  6. That's a cute case knuttybar!!

    I put my "girly things" in either a wristlet or the inside zip pocket of my bags.
  7. I use the bandana cosmetic case for all my necessities. it's super cute and fits great inside any of my bags!
  8. I LOVE this tiny thing! what's the style number?? TIA
  9. Whatever wristlet I'm using at the time - currently the Ergo scarf print.
  10. Sorry rethreads :shrugs:...this was an eBay purchase, so no tags were attached!
  11. The bottom of my purse
  12. Feminine Hygenie? Is that someone you make a wish to when you want your cramps to stop? :roflmfao:

    J/K - after I read your post I got what you meant. all great suggestions btw...
  13. awww, thanks anyways! i'll have to keep my eyes peeled!
  14. "what do you put your feminine hygenie in?"

    My mind was totally in the gutter when I read the title of this thread. I thought to myself, "I know where I put mine, where do you put yours?"

  15. For my "just in case" ones I put in a small wristlet or in the inside zip part. I usually have some stashed in the car so I do not have to carry much.