What do you put on your personalized address tag?

  1. I put down my name "BEN"! :p Is that tacky?


    I quite like it tho, not so sure about privacy! It's just my first name though! ;)
  2. No, I think it's a matter of your personal taste...
    I have my 2 initials, and on the inside, I put a picture of my 2 boys....
    I don't use my luggage tag for my address, it hangs as a decor outside my Antigua Cabas PM...
  3. Yours isn't not tacky at all:biggrin:. I do agree with Travelbliss, it's a matter of personal taste. I have my initials on all my luggage tags.

  4. Wow.... my initials actually spell out your first name; BEN. I've got my three initials heat stamped onto two of my LV luggage/address tags. I also selected the gold lettering, largest font size possible, and vertical centering for my initials.
  5. Not tacky at all!!! It looks great!
  6. very cool!! I put my initials but I like the name too!
  7. Nice :smile: on mine I only have my first initial "K"
  8. I absolutely love it!!! Too bad my name is longer than the max numbers of letters allowed for heat stamping.
  9. I don't even attach mu luggage strap, but your's looks great!
  10. all my luggage tags have just my one initial and nothing inside for security reasons :yes:

    btw, you should check out the LV Clubhouse, there's a Heatstamp Club in there too :tup:
  11. My hubby's and my initials:
    Close up 2.JPG
  12. oh rileygirl.. can you heatstamp >3 letters??