what do you put in your little front pocket?

  1. i gotta admit, one of my favorite things about balenciaga is the convenient front pocket. i wedge everything in there that i can. anybody with me? i have my cell phone, three lip glosses, random cash, oil absorbing sheets, and the mirror that came with the bag (since i don't carry a compact) wedged in there as we speak.
  2. I don't put anything in there 'cept for the front tassles. I usually forget there's a pocket there even, lol.
  3. I put my cell phone and lipgloss in there.:yes:
  4. Another cell phone stuffer here! Thats about it.
  5. I put my access card for my apt in it.
  6. lipgloss and authenticity cards... I guess I'm afraid I'll lose them if I don't keep them with the bag.
  7. i keep all my bag documentation in the little pocket on the back of the mirror :biggrin:
  8. Receipts.
    I'm so lazy; when people hand them to me I just stuff them in there.
  9. Keys and cell phone!
  10. I put my keys in there and some receipts- I love that pocket!
  11. Keys and transit pass. But I think I'm going to move my cell there too. I'm always digging around for it when it rings.
  12. So, the b-bags have no cell phone pockets inside? What's up with that? :smile: Ah, no matter since my cell phone is a brick and often doesn't fit in those anyway!
  13. Office keys, cell phone, pass. OMG! That means I keep everything that's work-related on the outside of the bag!!!! :shocked:
  14. Nothing. I always forget about that pocket. Come to think of it, I don't put anything in any of the pockets.
  15. apartement pass card, small money & changes (i hate the hassle opening up the main compartment), keys, and definetly no cell... it'll be too good for the pick pocket ha ha ha