What do you prefer?


Which is your favorite?

  1. Monogram Regular

  2. Monogram Colore

  3. Monogram Denim

  4. Monogram Mini

  5. Monogram Mat

  6. Vernis

  7. Epi

  8. Suhali

  9. Antigua

  10. Damier

  11. Trianon

  12. Limited Edition/Discontinued

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  1. Which of the above lines is your favorite?
  2. i love epi for its subtle and classic looks!
  3. oooh id choose suhali and MC :love: :love: :girlsigh:
  4. i like the damier... it's funny, i used to think the damier is ugly... but ever since i saw the saleya i fell in love with the damier...

    now i am in love with the damier speedy and duomo...
  5. I'm a boring monogram girl...lol...but especially the LE pieces (panda, cerises, CB, grafitti, etc.).
  6. I love black mc!
  7. Me too bagasms...I have the Lodge in black MC! But I guess I'd choose regular mono over MC though!
  8. i love, love, love:heart: MC.... and most of limited items.... but i end up with Mono most of the times! :nuts:
  9. How could you not it's classic!
  10. Mmm.. suhali !
  11. I voted Epi. I love the fact that there are so many styles and colors to choose from in the Epi line (you could get the same bag in two different colors even if you loved the style enough!). I also love the look of the 'textured' leather. The black is especially classic & chic.
  12. Suhali is my favorite but epi is not far behind.
  13. Damier all the way.
  14. i'm liking the denim ones these dayz ^__^
  15. epi