what do you prefer


Which line do you prefer and WHY??

  1. Mirror Line

  2. Dentelle Line

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  1. I would especially like to here from the girls who have both:p
  2. whooppss..
    i dont like either.

  3. I would prefer Dentelle since it's not so "in your face".
  4. Love the Miroir line, but I feel like the Dentelle is more wearable.
  5. Dentelle is more feminine and you can get more use out of it, IMO
  6. I prefer Miroir, I don't like the Dentelle Line
  7. Definitely mirror!. I do not like the Dentelle line at all, I don't like lace in clothes, let alone bags :yucky:

    The mirror is a truly sharp modern bag, makes me think of Courreges and Paco Rabanne metalic dresses.

    Lace is for old ladies...
  8. I love the feminine and classic look of the dentelle line.
    I love lace on my clothes too, it makes me feel so feminine!!!!
  9. i like the mirroir pochette...very chic and classy

    and dentelle kirsten - uuuber feminine!

    that's it out of those two lines..LOL...
  10. Neither. Sorry.:sad:
  11. miroir papilon gold or miroir pochette gold...
    and dentelle kirsten..
  12. Miroir!!! Dentelle reminds me of granny's crochet *dash*, Miroir is such a statement piece, i love all my miroir pieces^^
  13. If I really had to chose one over the other, I'd select the Dentelle. It seems more wearable. I could never see myself going out in public with a miroir bag. Too flashy. Dentelle is also a bit flashy. But, it's so interesting looking with the different textures. However I don't feel the need to purchase something from either line.
  14. I prefer Dentelle, I love the lace look on it :biggrin: so girly & sweet ^^
  15. I like the silver mirror pochette and the gold pcohette........nothing bigger though, too "in ur face" for me, IMHO

    I love the dentelle line much better