What do you prefer Speedy 25 B or 30 B???

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  1. I finally decided what will be my next bag and and the winner is a Speedy B. But, I cannot decide between a 25 or 30. I want to use it as a cross body and do not need a big bag. But, I am a size 16 and do not want the bag to look too small on me, either. I appreciate any opinions!
  2. I have a speedy b 30 in the damier ebene and love it. I am average height and slim and wear it cross body and don't find it bulky at all. I had a normal speedy 25 years ago and found it too small mainly because of the small opening. It was frustrating getting things in and out. The best thing is to try both on at the boutique. Good luck in your decision.
  3. I'm 5'7 and about your size, I think the 25 or 30 would look ok. I personally love the 25, but I live in a warm climate. If I was back in the cold I would want a 30 so I could have space for gloves or a scarf.

    The opening on the 25 is a bit smaller, but it doesn't personally bother me, but a lot of people on TPF mention that it doesn't work for them.

    Good luck with your decision! I think a lot of it comes down to how much you personally need to carry.
  4. I tried a 25, 30 and 35 when I was ready to buy my Speedy. The only one that worked for me on a frequent use basis was the 30. The 25 was to hard to get in and out of for me. I would love top have a Speedy 35 to use as luggage someday.
  5. I am the same size as you and I ended up loving the 30. The 25 looked a little small on me and I didn't love the tight opening. The SA ruled out the 25 very quickly and I have no regrets. Sometimes I even ponder if I would have liked the 35 even though I don't need the inside space.
  6. I love them both! :smile: The thing with Speedies is that they are addictive. You should try them on at the LV store. For me, the 25 looks better crossbody. So I use the 25 when shopping or sightseeing. I love to use the 30 when I go to work, but I use it on the shoulder.
  7. I'm 5.7 and size 16. I had a DE speedy b 30 before but sold it, because the opening is too restrictive, and the hardware tarnished too quickly. Also i thought the base was too wide and added bulk when i carried near my hips (which i definitely did not want more bulk lol)
    the three part strap irritated me too, and in the end I simply used two parts for the shoulders.
    I am planning to check out the empreinte 20 or 25 next, hopefully the hardware will not fail me this time:smile:
  8. Thank you, everyone! I think based upon the above I may be leaning towards the 30. But, will try both on and see how hard it is to get things in and out of the 25.
  9. I am 5'4 and have had a 30 B before but it was too big. I now have a 25 B in mono and DE and love both. I leave the bag unzipped if I am running into a store really quickly but I still don't think it's hard to get in and out of
  10. Speedy B 30 for the bigger bag opening :smile: And probably more easier to resell in the future if you decide to.
  11. Thanks, I didn't think of the resell value.
  12. 25
  13. For me the 30 is the perfect size speedy. It fits enough for everyday and when I don't carry as much it simply slouches a little. Even in winter I can through my scarf and gloves in it without any trouble. And as others have mentioned: the opening is a lot wider, thus easier to grab your belongings out of the bag while it remains in your shoulder [emoji4]
  14. Thank you! It seems the mouth size may be an issue w the 25. i also like the idea of having a little more room for winter items.