What do you prefer cats or dogs ?


What do you prefer cats or dogs ?

  1. cats

  2. dogs

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  1. What do you prefer cats or dogs ?
  2. I prefer dogs they are much more affectionate then cats. I personally find that cats lack any form of intimacy unlike dogs.

    What do people think ?
  3. Prefer dogs anytime.
  4. haha, this reminds me of the scene in Meet the Parents...

    Jack: Greg how come you don't like cats?
    Greg: I do like cats, I just prefer dogs...
    Jack: So you prefer an emotionally shallow animal? See, Greg, if you yell at a dog, his ears will go down and his tail will cover his genitals even if he's done nothing wrong. It's very easy to break a dog. But cats make you work for their affection. Cats don't sell out like dogs do.


    Anyhow, that being said, I'm still a dog person.
  5. I love both, but have never actually had a dog of my own. I adore my cats though, they are extremely loving and very attached to their "mama". They are my babies!! :heart:
  6. i have had both cats and dogs .... and altho i love them both.... dogs have a special place in my heart.... all of the dogs that i have ever had are friendly and always want to play with me... while cats.... being solitary animals... just kinda ignore me
    someone said to me once when I was little that "cats love their house while dogs love their masters/owners/parents.... "
  7. Haha, I agree. I am a dog person. I love how all the dogs I have ever had, run to the door to see you and it makes me fall in love with them more and more.
  8. I like both but prefer cats; definitely less maintenence.
  9. We have 8 cats and 1 dog and I have to say...I much prefer cats. My cats are actually quite affectionate, they are lined up at the door to greet me when I come home, they follow me around the house, they sleep with me (not all 8 at once thank goodness!), they talk to me, they love me! Yet they are fine on their own and require much less supervision than a dog.

    I love our dog too but she is still a puppy and therefore A LOT of work. I'm just not used to it! When she's in the house she simply can't be left alone for more than 15-20 minutes or she'll potty inside or get into something she's not supposed to. It's frustrating for a cat person.
  10. I prefer dogs (although our cat Sid, has whinged and whined his way into my heart).
  11. I prefer cats, its jus always nice to hv a small fur ball around the house!
  12. I am a huge animal lover and therefore love dogs but prefer to have cats and do have two. My cats are extremely affectionate and one follows me wherever I go so far as if I get up from the couch and move to the loveseat, he moves from the couch to the loveseat. They both meet me at the door when I come in.

    Cats are much less work than dogs - incredibly simple to litter train and you can leave them alone for longer periods than you can leave dogs. My lifestyle does not suit dogs.

    Though not really true, I love this saying:

    You call a dog, he comes.

    You call a cat, she takes a message and gets back to you.
  13. I am definitely a cat person. I've had them all my life!
  14. I love them both equally so I couldn't vote. Right now, we have a cat because our lifestyle is much more conducive for a cat (lower maintenance animal). If my lifestyle changes and can accomodate a dog, I would get one in a heartbeat! An English Bulldog puppy to be exact! LOL!
  15. I prefer dogs - in particular papillons:heart:, but my poor baby passed on last year.
    I love cats too and have 3 ragdolls at the moment.