What do you prefer...Bone White Leather (Vachette) vs. Aged Carmelized Look (Patina)

  1. My best friend loves the look of brand new LV's with the bone white leather.

    I, on the other hand, hate the new look and rather have my new speedy age over night to a carmel color. I guess I just like the look of aged leather :p

    What do you prefer?
  2. I like it when it's new. Patina is okay but only medium honey.
  3. hmm, i don't mind the new vachetta, but i know a lot of people that think it looks a little cheap when its band new. i don't mind patina at all, i just think it starts to look nasty when it's dark brown/black. darker (honey) vachetta still has a nice look to me...it just shows that ur LV has been loved :love:
  4. light carmel is ok. Luv the bone, hate the dark dark
  5. I guess I've never seen a dark patina on any LV. I have seen bags that are over 20 years old and they look gorgeous -- with a tan, never deep brown or black. I don't know what a really dark one looks like. I have a really well used Viva Cite which is a nice honey color. I have been using it regularly (not daily) for three years. It looks fine. In fact, until I happened into the Purse Forum, I never knew the deepening of color was such a contentious subject! I have three bags with vachetta in various shades. One, of course, the Viva Cite, the next is a new (in October) Ellipse that had a slight tan when purchased new from NM, and my new Azur Berkeley.
    I did, however, see a bag on eBay, with the bottom totally leather and stained and yucky. They claimed the bag is 6 months old, but it looks like it was dropped into a gutter and not tended to. (it was the famous $999,999.00 bag from a few days back.)

  6. same here..i really don't like the dark brown/black look.
  7. I like the patina look but only if it is evenly distributed.

    I've noticed new LVs carried in the mall, and it just screams "new" (which is what I have now), so I wonder if my new speedy causes the same reaction! I'm in no rush but it'll be nice when the contrast with the mono canvas isn't as stark.
  8. the darker the better :p I love it if the stitching stands out against the dark leather. that's the reason I bought mono in the first place, getting a vintage looking bag :lol:
  9. i prefer caramel patina. but don't want it to get too dark -- like dark brown -- as it looks dirty. the brand new vachetta looks too pale for me.
  10. same here!
  11. ^ my thoughts exactly! I wish my all my vachette would stay as ivory as possible!
  12. Same here! Love the look when it's brand new... Even asked the SA when I bought my Sac Plat whether there was any way at all to prolong the way it looks when new :shame:
  13. so sad here :sad:
    I did not know that the strap of my LV Neverfull Pm will eventually become Patina sooner or later if I use it everday. I love monogram but I cant take the patina process on my bag yet. I have seen a blackened and cracked patina :yucky:
  14. Love the bone. Luckily only one of my LV's are really patina-ing.
  15. Love it when it's medium honey, hate it when it's toooo dark and black.