What do you plan to wear on Thanksgiving?

  1. How dressed up does your family get?

    I'm having dinner with my husband's family, which could theoretically mean I could wear anything, but I prefer to look at least somewhat decent. So I am planning to wear a black pleated knee-length skirt, black tights, my black suede round-toe Michael Kors pumps, and one of my cashmere twinsets. :yes:
  2. No idea yet ... though something comfortable so I can eat. :biggrin:
  3. Good point :yes:
  4. Usually I just wear jeans, a nice top, and heels. Nothing too extravagent.
  5. Having dinner with my family so more casual: probably jeans and cashmere turtleneck sweater.
  6. Same.

    It's going to be the first time my family formally meets my boyfriend so I'm more concerned about what he is going to wear! :P
  7. i get dressed up just a bit. this thanksgiving i'm not really sure what i'm going to wear but it definitely has to be something comfy yet stylish.:P
  8. :crybaby: i'm away from home for thanksgiving...:drool: :crybaby:
  9. We're pretty casual in my family about Thanksgiving, which means "no jeans, no ties." Because it's cold and rainy, most everyone is in slacks and a sweater of some sort with comfortable dress shoes. All the better to eat, drink and watch football ;) . I will probably be in my black club monaco slacks, a cashmere sweater and my black prada platform mary janes.
  10. I will probably wear my red Diane Von Furstenberg wool wrap dress and some black pointy knee boots. I love an excuse to dress up.
  11. Something very comfortable - probably my Juicy sweats, I know, I know:smile:
  12. Oh gosh, my family is extremely casual. For my family, jeans & a sweater, maybe boots or flats. I could show up in a potato sack & they wouldn't care.

    Going to my "out laws", most of the women dress up (they wear twin-sets & slacks EVERY day though ) but I still wear jeans... After 10 years, I'm not out to impress. I am going to wear my Chanel black satin nail polish though. I'm sure black nails will drive my stuffy MIL crazy:devil:
  13. I would be too afraid of him over dressing in an attempt to make a good impression (my sister's ex did that before!)
  14. I plan to wear a DVF camel utility wrap dress. I'm spending the day with my fiance's family who all somewhat dress up (i.e., no jeans). I think the wrap will fit in, be a little different and is very comfortable.
  15. OMG I have that dress, I am sure you will look wonderful, your outfit sounds perfect.