What do YOU plan on buying for the month of April?

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  1. I just thought I would start a thread for people that would like to share what they would like to buy/plan on buying for the month of april... I'll start...

    I'd like to get a pleated ergo satchel... possibly in Navy Blue or else Tan? Not sure on the color... I wouldn't mind getting another wristlet as well since I love my bleeker capacity wristlet so much!
  2. Im going to buy my large Carly in Khaki and Chocolate!! I dont live near a coach store, BUUTT im going on a business trip and they have a coach store there! So im also gonna pick up a wallet!!! =) Ive been wanting a slim envelope wallet for a while now..but with all this new spring stuff out, i will just have to decide when i get there! =) So excited!
  3. Great choice star... I just bought my large carly in the khaki/chocolate also about a month ago, and I will have to admit its my favorite bag thus far! You'll love it!!
  4. I plan on waiting around for a Luci to show up for a steal. Until then, I am banned.
  5. well, i had hoped to get my francine if i got that job i had put in for, but the outlook is not looking so bright on that.

    i may get a patent french wallet to make myself feel better though :sad:
  6. As of right now..Nothing. 1. I am on a ban and 2. There is nothing that I want. If they came out with a longer wristlet...I might.

    I do have the money for the denim ergo that is suppose to be at Macy's in May.

    Right now I am even thinking of taking back the coated Tattersall Wristlet since I am not in love with it.
  7. I am ordering the pleated ergo satchel in black. I have been looking for a black satchel, and am hoping that this will do the trick!
  8. Unless I find something that I absolutely have to have, I think I'm going to take a break from Coach this month - I really overbought in March thanks to becoming obsessed with charms and buying practically every one ever made (it seemed that way - I think I have 13 of them now) and then the PCE I've definately added to my collection which had dwindled down to 3 bags and a bunch of accessories. I want the Elisa but it's really pricey!!
  9. I destroyed my wallet these last few months, so unless something really catches my eye I'm going to pass. :P
  10. I really need to purchase a new wallet, I've been eyeballing the soho french purse in leather, its pretty much the same dimensions as what I have been using, and I love that white/saddle/brass combo. I think I need to see it in person, but I'm about 90% sold on it thus far...my only thought is maybe I shouldn't go this chunky again this time around...but I love how MUCH those french purses hold!
  11. I plan on doing some major damage. LOL. I have the Lydia Hat in multi Soho on the way. I need to get a capacity wristlet for the bazillion of pills (allergies...grr) I carry. A new wallet. Oh and the Nolee shoes in Teal (theyre TDF). And I want another bag, I just don't know which. I'm tempted by the purple Francine, but I already have the teal. Something large though, most coach bags are too small for me. Maybe the patent Gigi in Turq. Hmm. Decisions. :nuts: Oh and sunnies. I forgot the sunnies. I believe theyre the Elizabeth.
  12. haha nawth21, thats cool... sounds like some great things! where do you live in TC?
  13. A couple blocks from Southdale in Edina.
  14. O ok, cool... thats even more tempting w/the COACH store right over there!
  15. oh its shopping heaven, with 50th and france, southdale, galleria and the moa within 5 minutes. arrghhh my poor, poor wallet.