What do you pay for eggs & milk?

  1. I buy organic eggs-I think they taste better. I don't buy eggs too often-so, I never really noticed what they cost. But, I just got back from the grocery store and see from my receipt that I paid $4.79 for a dozen organic eggs! Isn't that a lot for a dozen eggs? I didn't go to the cheaper supermarket that I usually go to-so, I probably paid more than I normally would have.

    Oh-and I paid $3.99 for a half gallon of organic milk.

    Just curious to see what others pay-and where do you live?
  2. ^^^ Nishi, did you try trader joes on 14th/union square? They have a lot of organic products and I don't think their eggs cost more than 2 bucks on the dozen. They have organic milk too. It might be worth the trip from bk
  3. Haven't been to Trader Joes yet (though-they have TDF cheap chocolate!)-we recently got Fairway about 10 minutes from my house-so, we have been doing big shopping there. Today I just needed a few things and went to the local Key Food which is a major rip off!
  4. You should definitely check it out. It might look overwhelming at first because it's soo crowded there, but it's very organized and the line really isn't as long as it seems.
  5. My mom still does grocery shopping for me. She buys organic soymilk for me. Im not sure how much it cost. May be 4-5 bucks???? I don't think she buys organic eggs. I should tell her to thou.
  6. Hubby has recently gotten into soy milk-I just bought a half gallon for him of the vanilla Silk Soy Milk-it was $3.69 for the half gallon.

    Might check out Trader Joes sometime-parking is a b--ch down there though. Do you go to Fairway? They are great!
  7. I get organic eggs at Trader Joe's here in Columbus for $2.50 ish and organic soymilk for $2.50 ish a half gallon. The organic cow's milk is more expensive at $3.50 a half gallon but only my DH drinks it so I don't buy very much. My 2 year old and I drink a gallon and a half of soymilk a week.
  8. I don't have a Trader Joes close to me maybe 30 minutes away. I don't really buy organic food anyways..does it taste better..I know it's healthier. I live in no. va & for a gallon of 2% milk it's $2.99 & for a dozen eggs it's no more than $2.00 at most.
  9. ^ columbus, oh??? :yahoo:

    I shop at Whole Foods and now go to Fairway some that I am in NYC. Organic prices are more- and some places rip you off.

    Nishi- I LOVE soy milk (especially since I am allergic to regular!) Yum yum!!!
  10. I have a Trader Joes near me, but never been. Is it a grocery store or do they only sell organic products? I don't buy organic, but I'm always looking for a gourmet grocery store like Wegmans.
  11. In Vancouver, Canada, I pay $2.50 for 1L of organic milk (that works out to about $5 for half a gallon), $4 for 4L of regular milk (so $4 for a little less than 1 gallon), and about $4.50 for a dozen organic free range eggs. If I bought non-organic, non-free-range eggs, it would be about $2.50/dozen. I'm not shopping at cheap stores, though - the prices are pretty high in the part of the city where I am. There are cheaper stores outside of my area but if I factor in the cost of gas to get to them, then I don't save any money by driving out there.

    I buy organic for anything that my son eats a lot of, like milk, produce, etc. LOL, I figure my husband and I are probably already damaged from years of eating pesticides, hormones, and other crap but I can at least get the kid off to a good start :sad: .
  12. Trader Joes sells all kinds of things and their prices are very good! Lots of organics and gourmet type stuff at really good prices. Even my SIL who is the cheapest woman on earth (trust me-maybe I will start a thread one day about gifts we have received from her over the years) goes there. you can get all kinds of fancy shmancy stuff at really good prices-you should check them out!

    Megs-We are supposed to be getting a Whole Foods (or, as some people call it-Whole Paycheck) here in Park Slope next year sometime-it will be only 2 blocks from my house.

    Oh-and, yes-I find certain organic things just taste better-that is the main reason why I buy them-organic milk is creamier and yummier than regular. organic eggs are more flavorful, organic meat-YUM!
  13. I agree with Nishi that most organic stuff tastes better. I've been buying a lot of organic strawberries lately and let me tell you...they are to die for! Even my husband commented on it and he never notices how anything tastes.

    One thing I've found, though, is that organic produce doesn't last as long as non-organic (probably because it's not treated with all of the chemicals, etc), so I have to use it up quicker.

    Oh, for anyone who wants to find out more about organic food, here's an interesting article from Consumer Reports

    And here's one that talks about which produce is best to buy organic (they even have a little pocket guide you can print off to take with you to the store):

    And here's one about how to eat organic on a budget:
  14. ive never actually noticed lol! i have to go tomorrow. i wonder if theres a trader joes near me? if its kind of out there i guess i would have to factor in gas prices and see if it was actually worth. i love the wholesome goodness of organic stuff! the taste is actually different!
  15. Yes, Megs, Columbus, Oh :yes: I'm even a Buckeye! I actually live south of Columbus and Trader Joe's is 35 - 40 minutes away but I stock up when I'm close. I stay home with my son but we don't stay home. ;) We make our way around town for playgroups and classes and all that.

    Also, I wanted to add that I am probably the cheapest person on this board. I use cloth diapers, drive a car that gets 40 MPG and shop at thrift stores. My motivation is also for environmental reasons but it's nice to have money for all the extras like all our techie toys and my :love: BAGS! :love:

    My point is that organic food is worth it to me because I'm very interested in nutrition and want to give my son the best. It's worth it for me to make the drive because the organic section at Kroger has items priced double what they are at TJ's.

    (edited because it's way to late for this tired mama!)