What do you pair with your Valentino?

  1. Ok LL this is TDF... stunning...
  2. Thanks Maggie! I haven't heard from you in so long! I hope you are doing well :hugs:
  3. Valentino Folie Bow Hobo
    Valentino Flowerland Wallet
    Valentino Gold Mena Espadrilles

  4. GORGEOUS red!!! so this was your V day, huh? :lol:
  5. Thank you for thinking of me... They have band are time at work so I can not go on much and at home I just do not have time.. But I miss the V site very much and all my buddies..
  6. My Valentino primavere and my new REDValentino boots!

  7. wonderful color, & love the pimavere (of course ;))!

  8. Ooh, so pretty! I love the soft grey.
  9. As always, STUNNIG!!!!! I love grey color. Actually, I did not see any bag in your collection that I did not like. Because of you and your pictures I became Valentino lover and just got my first Valentino bag (thanks to your updates on e-bay). It should be here next week.
  10. wow, beautiful grey!!!!
  11. Thanks ladies! Marina, I'm so glad you were able to find a good deal! Please do a reveal when it arrives :biggrin:
  12. PERFECT!!!!!!!
    I love the boots!
  13. I hope it is as good as it looked an eBay. I will take some pictures when it comes. Just give you a clue you have this bag, but in diff. Color
  14. I am moving with you;) it is TDF:p
  15. My guess is the beige 360. We'll see if I'm right ;)