What do you pair with your Valentino?

  1. I like to match my Valentino bags with shoes. Some people like to match it to their coats, and SOME people like to match it to used sheet metal (ahem.... NASCAR!)
    Whatever your pleasure, post your pics here of your Valentinos with whatever you pair them with!
  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
  5. valentino & fendi

  6. valentino & straw

  7. LOVE your pairings, LL!!! I especially enjoy seeing the beautiful metallics coordinated (plus your amazing bags).
  8. love yours as well f&F! thanks for contributing to the thread :biggrin:
  9. ^now I'm inspired to take more pics :p
  10. My mix is a little odd. My home office is a strange mix of handbags and nascar. It started out nascar but the handbags are starting to battle for space.

    I usually have at least 4 bags set around as decoration. I like to look at them. Plus, it reminds me I have enough and helps me to not surf the net looking for the next one.

    I do collect race-used sheet metal. The one in this picture came from the Atlanta race. Greg Biffle had a bit of a mishap. :lol: I have 3 other huge pieces of the same car.

    (Valentino Aphrodite in taupe and Marc Jacobs Stam in vanilla:biggrin:
    opposites.JPG donut.JPG
  11. I even match my bags to my favorite driver colors. (notice matching pics in the background.) The first pic of the blue Stam looks darker than it is. The other pic shows the true color. See how well it matches. :biggrin:

    So I am looking forward to discovering Valentinos that will coordinate as well. :broom:
    (oh yeah, I'm not supposed to be surfing the net. well, if one pops up that works ... )
    blues.JPG blacks.JPG blue.JPG
  12. ^^ They are all so totally 100% unique to you! That's why I :heart: it!

    Here's another! I love the petale on the shoes is reflected in the design of the bag.

  13. ^LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your aphrodite!!! :heart:

    ^love the matching petales with glittery embellishments...but it also makes me hate you :p :lol: :hugs:
  14. LOL! Aww.. well I will ALWAYS :heart: you F&F!
  15. nice...way to make me feel like a jerk :roflmfao: