What do you not like about the Manhattan PM?

Jul 23, 2006
This bag is been on my wishlist several times. I really love the look of it but I keep putting it on & off my list. Well, now I am considering getting it before the increase in Feb.

It seems that a lot of us like the manhattan but is there anyone who doesn't and why? Also, do you think that it will still be stylish 5 years from now? Thanks.
i can't think of a single thing that i don't like about my Manhattan PM. it's a fabulous bag. and yes it will stay on as one of the classic Monogram bags
I love the manhattan. Its one of my fav lv pieces.
After being a Balenciaga bag user for sometime now, after getting the manhattan pm, i thought the bag was soooooo heavy compared to my bbags. but after awhile, you'd get use to the weight.

I love shoulder bags just a lil more because my hands are free compared to satchel bags, however, since its more of a 'dressy' bag, I only wear it when Im a lil dressed up. hehehehehe

what else? oh yeah, the buckles are a lil clanky! but thats not the reason to not love a manhattan.

hope this helps!

GET IT!!!! hehehehe =P
It's a little too small for me and the GM is a little too big. It also makes noise from the buckles when you walk around. But a small price to pay for a great looking bag.
I rarely use mine and the leather is still pure white like the day I got it lol, but I LOVE this bag!!! it's THE perfect size, stylish, chic, and goes with ANYTHING you wear! dress, jeans, casual...etc!
.Dec22.manhattanPM.crook.sporty.JPG .Dec22.manhattanPM.handheld.BCBG.JPG

PS: I'm 5'2, 97lbs