What do you name your iPod playlists?

  1. I must be boring, I only have the playlists as artists names.. or for the people I only have one or two songs by they just go in a playlist called 'pop' or 'hip hop' or something. I do have a 'workout' playlist though & one called 'AAAA' (so it stays on the top, lol) where my newest/fave songs go into which I play instead of shuffling since I have some majorly embarassing songs on there!

    After reading all these I think I need to get more creative!
  2. Pervert.

    A guy at work has Pervert.

    Very cool.
  3. Cheese & Rice is a good one.

    I have looked at mine and apart from the afore mentioned - I have

    France 06, France 07 & France 08 - not very interesting is it really!!
  4. At a low point, I had a playlist called ...
    He's a lying, cheating, mother effer
    That's the actual title, not the edited title, btw. Yeah, I guess I was a bit bitter. :cursing: Now it's just:
    Run fatass run! (my cardio workout music)
    Pump you up (weight training)
    Martini making
  5. I have the work mix (beatles, fallout boy, mix of rap)
    the sweetest playlist ever (my friend made me this playlist at a dance party one night in my dorm)
    80's style
    etc etc. i should be more creative ><
  6. hahaha! My hubby has a guitar hero playlist too! (he did it for me..:love:)

    And btw....I LOVE that "cool whip" episode of Family Guy!!!

    "say 'cool whip.' "
    "cool whhip"

    I digress.......

    My Playlists are as follows:

    - *Favorites* (songs that I LOVE but I don't want to search for....)
    -Christmas at Home (Christmas songs that I LOVE and that
    remind me of Christmas's at home--which I only play at Christmas
    time of course).
    -Relax.....(slower songs that I find really relax me when I'm stressed).
    -Homesick :'( (songs that I play when I'm feeling homesick, they
    remind me of home, a family member, or just plain make me feel
    -Country songs :smile: (obviously country songs that I love!
    -Workout Mix (songs that get me pumped and that I love to listen
    to while I work out!

  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. I sometimes just go :fghjkl or hgdafiurekjf if i just wANt to have a playist. I'm terrible with giving them names!
    But, when i do:
    Old tunes- Beatles, beach boys, abba etc. Kind of a range
    Show tunes- Musicals, Jazz and Cabaret.
    Buses, trams and trains- top 40 type stuff from the 90s onwards for travels on public transport
    memories- songs attached with specific points in my life
    Sweet dreams- music i listen to to get to sleep/to relax
  9. Love some of the playlists names folks!! I have jotted some down for my own future use (hope that's ok!).

    Well here are some of mine:

    3*, 4*, 5*....smart playlist for songs with the approriate rating to go in to
    Background - just easy on the ears type music
    Fav Hip-hop, rnb, pop, rock etc..more smart playlists for the groups of music (has to have a rating of more then 3* and listened to at least a few times to qualify)
    Gym - obvious
    Girl Hop/ Gym - PCD, Kelis, Destiny's child...motivation that u know the words too the cardio fly's by!
    Gym/Electro - another gym playlist
    Jump Inspired - hmm I love the song Jump by Madonna so this is the main focus of the playlist and all the music that has that same feeling to me...if that makes sense
    Motivate Rock - Killers, Linkin Park, Blink 182 that type of music for when you wanna be motivated...haha
    Runnng 1 & 2 - more gym playlists
    Trance Background - no exciting title
    Where's the Beat? - goldfrapp, royksopp that type of music

    There's a Goodnight one on my old photo Ipod, haven't got round to doing one on my new one. I use smartplaylists alot so have more for them but they just state the obvious like listened to more then ?? times.

    Sorry for going on abit :rolleyes:
  10. OMG! I love it!!! :roflmfao:
  11. It used to be

    but now I don't really bother with playlists anymore - I go straight to the songs list :p
  12. thanks for your genious brain input guys, really fab ideas on here and yeah, hope you dont mind if i maybe use a few in the future?

    Ive thought of lots more since last night, but at the moment I dont remember.....silly. ;)
  13. my playlist titles are boring. they're all like favorites, the mixes (the bfs' mixes), workout mix, etc.
  14. My brother has 'The Italian Job' and other films where they use cars like his in them, like he has a new mini - hence italian job, and he has a BMW X5, but not sure what playlist he has for that one.....
  15. I have no playlists on my ipod... after reading this thread I really should make some!! thanks for the tips! haha