What do you name your iPod playlists?

  1. I'll go first:

    Another Day in London
    Sunday - Alone
    Sunday - Company

    I wondered if anyone has any cool names for their playlists, I want people to pick up my ipod and be like, wow, cool. But im not very imaginative!

    So, what do you all name your various playlists?

  2. let's see:
    hometown mix -- all my songs that remind me of home and family

    right now *m is loving.... -- all the songs (about 100) that i want to hear over and over without having to search through my ipod to find them.

    running -- self explanitory

    in the past i've had:
    don't break anything (all my 70s punk)
    sunshine and cocktails (songs that remind me of summer)
    baby boomer envy (all my 60s/70s stuff...from psychadelic to jonny cash to sinatra)
    belt it out (all the stuff i love to sing in the car....mostly show tunes and pop ballads)
    80s fabulous (self explanitory)
    whiney *****y girl music (self explanitory...all my indie rock ani difranco type stuff)
    i'm not 12 (all my tween pop...hilary duff, hannah montana, etc)

    my husband has one named guitar hero/rockband. guess what's on that. :cool:
  3. LOL i have a guitar hero playlist too. i usually label them by which month i created them.

    my dad made one on his called "cool fwhip" (family guy ;) ).
  4. nothing interesting here im afraid. I have some by seasons, some by months, some by genre, some for who I made the playlist for, others are like in the car, morning music, relax etc.
  5. thanks guys. cool. keep em coming.
  6. ~Love Songs (Because you Loved Me, Whenever You Call, By Your Side etc...)

    ~Break-up Songs (Strong Enough, Never Again, Because of You, Good-bye my Lover etc...)

    ~Reggae (Turn Me On, lo que paso paso etc...)

    ~Upbeat (Get Right, Come On Get Up, Drop It On Me etc...)

    ~Voice Messages (The Secret, Confidence Without Conceit etc...)

    ~Christmas (Last Christmas, Christmas Shoes, Silent Night, Jingle Bell Rock etc...)
  7. Mine don't have any interesting titles. I have gym, running, classical, rainy day, Venue playlist (all songs that remind me of my time abroad), stuff like that.
  8. cool. good ideas here - soz If i pinch some....I dont have a good imagination. Love the family guy one though! Christmas is also a really good one. xx
  9. I love your playlists! So imaginative. :tup:
    Mine are: work out, wake up, recent, pods, selections, language & indie.
  10. I have one called 90's music, Spice girls (the playlist from their recent concert), and fun stuff (current top 40 hits)!

    I need to spend a Sunday making more playlists!
  11. I have one playlist and its called "Driving Music"

    because I play my iPod when I drive
  12. Mine don't have terribly interesting names. I name them after what I perceive the genre to be, like "Angry Girl Music." "Bubbly Pop," etc...

    I once heard that P. Diddy has a playlist called "Sex" on his iPod. I find that beyond hilarious :roflmfao:
  13. Sex.....hmmmmmm sounds good. I might add that one......
  14. My friend has the most creative ones...

    "When we're not studying, we're rocking"

    is my favorite. :biggrin:
  15. Okay, ive had a hunt on different people's at work and have also racked my imagination a bit:

    The name's Bond....James Bond
    In The Mood ;)
    ;) Smile
    :sad: Angst
    Slow Flow
    Road Trip
    RUNyon Canyon
    Alexander McQueen Show
    Shotgun The Back Seat
    MTV R
    My Bad!
    Don't Be THAT Guy
    Perk Up
    On The Balcony
    Breaking & Entering
    Everything I've Got In My Pocket
    Ladies & Gentlemen

    And thats all ive got / found so far.