What do You Most Value In Your Friends ?

  1. My answer is, Honesty.:heart:

    What do You most value in your friends ?
  2. ^^^ That was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the title of your thread! Telling the truth even when it's the hard thing to do!
  3. Trust. I have to be able to trust you.
  4. Yep, honesty. And loyalty. I can't stand treacherous b:censor:es ....
  5. Being there through thick and thin-knowing the good, bad and ugly and still being a loyal friend!:P

    If you have friends like that, you are blessed. I am fortunate to have a few friends like that in my life- the ones that have your back!
  6. honesty n loyalty........ i appreciate being considerate and respectful as well..
  7. Honesty, companionship, and reliability (I'm always there for my pals and they're always there for me in return).

    Oh, and a good laugh every now and again helps ;o)
  8. yeah, honesty and reliability.
    someone i know said to me that she feels like she can't be honest to tell her best friend about her drinking behaviour and maybe she just don't have to. i said that if she's your best friend, you can even slap her face to make her realize about what she's done to her self and tell her that you don't like it.
    if you can't be honest to your friend, she's not a real friend right? hell, i need someone to tell me if my ass looks ugly in a jeans not a SA who tells me that i'm good in anything in the shop :P
  9. Truth, trust & reliabilty.
  10. honesty, loyalty, and fun!!!
  11. oh yeah, i forgot to include, reliability as well...
  12. loyalty and trust
  13. :yes: totally agree with ya, Pradasmeadow
  14. I agree....
    Honesty is the most important thing
  15. Honesty & Kindness.