What do you match your bag with?

  1. I tend to pick my bag based on outfit and shoes. I see those that will wear a plain outfit with a really eyecatching bag, and I love it! What do you do?
  2. I do it the same especially the colours have to match e.g. I don't wear a grey bag when my clothes are in beige/brown then I take one of my brown bags. My shoes have to match with the outfit and the bag as well. Even I match my wallet with the bag. So I guess I'm a "match-fanatic".
  3. I'm think I may be in so much love w/bags these days that I find myself pick a bag I want to wear for the day, then match the color/style of the outfit based on the bag :smile: I don't know if that's normal....:weird:
  4. My daily outfits usually consist of denim jeans & a knitted top (usually either black, grey or shade of white). How boring. If I'm feeling particularly wild I'll wear jeans with a coloured knit. Aaaah, the wardrobe of a stay-at-home-mum. Matching a bag to this is pretty easy.
  5. If it helps you any, I do the same thing! :lol:
  6. So true! For me anyway. My "uniform" for the day is most always jeans and a t-shirt type top. Long sleeved, short sleeved, some patterned, some colored, but it doesn't hardly ever vary from there. :oh:

    I do have to match my belt with my shoes...and usually my handbag will be the same color. I think that is why I couldn't figure the Audra out with my wardrobe...I am too black&white/cut&dried about matching, and I didn't have any shoes that matched! :wacko: I always found something that matched better.
  7. Bags and shoes!!!
  8. I'm not real picky about matching colors I guess...I like my bag to suit the style I am wearing more than the color. If I have on a tailored look, I go for a Kate Spade (have you seen the Wellesley, very pretty!).

    When I am casual-chic :smile: I will wear my Chloe....can't wait till it shows up!
  9. I can't even manage to match my underwear at this stage. Lol
  10. Another bag and shoe person, although I am trying to be more adventurous!
  11. I match my bag based on the main color of my outfit. Yes I LOVE the look of plain stuff matched with a great eyecatching bag!
  12. :lol: Same here. I just pick my bag because I want to wear it. Usually it doesn't match my shoes, or what I'm wearing :P
  13. I was reading this post thinking the same thing. I wear what I like regardless. Sometimes, it doesn't match. lol :shame:
  14. Usually with the color of the rest of my outfit :biggrin:
  15. Maybe silly, but my personality. I tend to carry one bag for a few days, then switch to a different color, shape, size, as my mood dictates. My clothes/coat/shoes are then chosen to match the bag.
    Cheers, Carolyn