what do you make of this?

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  1. That link takes me to some microsoft page.
  2. I knew that's what it was!

    That CRAP seller stole pics from another seller. I actually noticed it this morning and contacted that seller to tell her. She already knew and had reported him. There's something really weird... look in the completed auctions, several were sold for under $200 by different sellers, some no longer registered, but you can tell it's all the same guy. Ugh!

    Yes, there are already Gaucho fakes... I've seen them on ebay and ioffer. :sick:
  3. That totally sucks. I soooo don't want to see that bag all over every mall in suburbia........................................
  4. Eh, I don't think this bag really reaches out to the masses. Kinda like the Stam, which was faked IMMEDIATELY as soon as it reached "it" status. I have never seen one person with that bag, real or fake. Then again maybe they're all over NY or CA, just not in TX.
  5. I hope not. I was hoping it would'nt get copied because of all the detailing involved in the bag. So this seller stole a picture from someone else?
  6. Yep, look at all the listings and you'll see that same pic but from a legit seller.
  7. I HATE FAKES!!!:evil: :evil: It really ticks me off how these dishonest people are trying to pull a scam. It makes it hard on those of us who are honest and have authentic bags to sell on ebay. I wish ebay gave a crap that this goes on! Sorry-had to rant. :smile:

  8. Another thing that I have noticed is even if they have 100% feeback...you need to check when they opened their ebay account, and read what the feedback is actually for. 9 times out of 10 the first 10 feedbacks are for packages of seeds for .99 or something similar the purchased for a very low price. Just to get their feedback rating up there. :evil: