What do you lust after? Colour or Style?

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  1. Just wondered if you chose a colour first and then a style or vice versa?

    With my fuschia mabel I lusted after the colour and then the style however with my denim mabel it was definately a whole package.

    I am now hoping to find a plum or purple mulberry but can't see any around that I fancy, it's a shame the Somerset wasn't good for me as the colour is just perfect.

    So, what do you go for first? Colour? Style? Or does it just depend?
  2. I think some colours look better on different bags.
    Colour does catch my attention first though i think...
    I love the Mabel Hobo but really fancy it in a red or something brighter...
    I lusted after the Fuschia Mabel for ages, I then got it and it's just not worked for some reason?
  3. Both!!

    colour - oak

    style - at the moment, definately mabel!
  4. Hulahoop......
    Perhaps you need to sell the red mabel for a scrummy oak one?
  5. #5 Feb 1, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2009
    Definitely the style! I am not a very colourful person :shame:. I always first notice the style and if I think it will work for me, then I check in what colours it is available.
  6. Hm, good question Tiree.

    I think for me it's been style first and then colour. I got my oak Phoebe and was happy with that for a while but then I thought a choc one would be great, and now I've got a black one. I had a similar experience with my Rosemary's - got a black one and HAD to have oak and choc.

    Pebble Mabel and plum Somerset were both purchases based on colour and style. I don't really fancy any of the other colours that Mabel comes in, simply because I have my Phoebes and Rosemary's! I do, however, like the new black Somerset with silver hardware.
  7. ^^^style first for me then is it available in a colour i want!
  8. I would have to say style for me comes first, because colorwise, it seems like its only oak or chocolate that I crave!!!!
  9. Hmm, good question Tiree.

    Colour is what catches my eye first, definitely, but the style has to work. I can instantly rule a lot of bags out due to the style & shape.
  10. Both, simultaneously! If i like a bag then its love at first sight and it has to be the colour AND style that has pulled me towards it!
  11. Well, I think its pretty obvious that I go for Style over colour, considering that my bags are mainly Chocolate or Oak!
  12. ^^^ lol!!
  13. Colour, definitely. I identify a colour gap and then see what bags are available in that colour :yes:

    Although this has led to me having (or being able to justify :Push:smile: way too many bags so I shall be rethinking this in the future :yes:
  14. I suppose for me it started as function, then style then colour - you can tell i've been thinking about this can't you!!!
  15. I think I will go for the yellow Mabel. If they have one in SM when I visit there, I think I will not be able to resist.