What do you love to eat that's SO BAD for you, but SO GOOD?

  1. my homemade chocolate chip cupcakes :3
  2. Lemon cupcakes, Burnt Sugar fudge, oh - and Pringles. I love plain old Pringles. Way too much, unfortunately......
  3. chocolates, cakes, cookies, chips
  4. Pulled pork poutine.
  5. Black forest cake....and tiramisu.
  6. Kfc
  7. Cheesecake!
  8. I love to make (AND EAT) cheesecake and lemon squares. They are definitely my weaknesses! :loveeyes:
  9. Anything fried! I went to the Texas state fair and had fried smores once... still haven't forgotten them :amuse:
  10. Potato chips - in fact, potato everything. I love potatoes.
    Chocolate biscuits
  11. Macarons!! :woohoo:
  12. chocolates and ice creams
  13. Chili ramen.
  14. Chips & Salsa & Burritos .. =P
  15. Instant noodles, poutine