Scarves What do you love about wearing H scarves?

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  1. Great minds think alike, lolakitten! I'm glad you enjoyed my story.

    I don't know if I rocked their world, but they found me interesting. Thank you for the vote of confidence.
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  2. Hi. I hope it is ok to post this here. Several members (@hannahsophia , @bunnycat , @momasaurus , @De sac , @Langsam , @Etriers , @bobkat1991 , @lolakitten , @Julide , @katriona , @Juilletdix , @ajaxbreaker ) on this thread have mentioned being ladies who shop for “scarf clothes” and that this season is particularly good with its offerings. Being a new scarfie, I could use all the help I can get so I thought I would start a thread on the Wardrobe forum (which I thought would be more appropriate for this) where we can all share our tried and true “scarf clothes” as well as ones we see offered this season that are great. Here is the link to the thread:

    Please join me and share your “scarf clothes.” Thank you!
  3. Great idea!
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