Scarves What do you love about wearing H scarves?

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  1. So true. I really pause and consider when spending that on a blouse or pants anywhere else, but it’s like normal financial physics don’t apply when I walk in the door at H. There, I think of scarves as a “bargain.” :angel:
  2. Hahahah. H maths. It should be a class!:giggle:
  3. I agree. It is iconic. Thanks for the comment.
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  4. I must admit, that first pic was a non Hermes which is a little less bulky (don't shoot me). Anyway, a few pics with a 90. The "under" is tricky to get right, but where there's a will! I think the "over" works better here.
    IMG_3048.jpg IMG_3054.jpg
  5. One more turtleneck and scarf over.
  6. So serene, contained, and classy. You have renewed my desire to seek a green Brides de Gala. Just lovely!
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  7. Thank you for the great demos. You wear those all so well. I’m inspired to experiment with various sizes. More reasons to buy more scarves! :amuse:
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  8. Well said!
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  9. Thank you so much :smile:
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  10. Thank you. Love the Brides de Gala in this CW.
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  11. A few more.
    Image1.jpg Image2.jpg scarf017.jpg
  12. Love how H keeps me humble!
    I’ve been watching demos of wearing scarves over/under turtlenecks...thinking oh, this is cute, pretty...but I would never need to do that....too swiftly spoken, I learned, once arrived the new swing-T turtlenecks for winter. Not only are the bottoms loose and roomy—so are the turtlenecks seeking to be cowl necks.
    I be working y’all’s best practices now, thank you!
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    I am also a "scarf clothes" fan. I retired two years ago, but the last couple of years at work, I limited my wardroble to solid color trousers and short sleeve sweaters in a variety of solid colors and then I accessorized with H scarves. I quickly realized this was a great way to be well-dressed and not look like everyone else.

    My favorite brands are Vince and Piazza Sempione for pants and Lafayette 148 and Eileen Fisher for the sweaters. I also love the short sleeve cardigan that Akris Punto puts out with some regularity. Because I live in a hot/humid climate, I frequently wear tee shirts under my the cardigan, rather than another sweater.

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  14. Just to remind everybody we already have 'how to' and scarf knotting threads. Please try to stick to the topic of the title of the thread, TY
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  15. Wow, you hit on such a chic style! Love all three looks, especially the pink cardigan with the belt. Great way to make the scarves the focal point of your outfit :smile:
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  16. Thank you so much!
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