Scarves What do you love about wearing H scarves?

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  1. Another who buys scarf clothes!!
  2. altho every reason can be linked to different scarves/shawls, I am very much same here on the quick dress-up! I would typically change tops cuz my comfy-home tees are usually graphic, tie a scarf, and take on the world.
    H Logic: save time & money on RTW—buy scarves. of course, today’s 90 costs what office suit cost me in 1985.
  3. Yes!
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  4. I so get this! :drinks:
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  5. Oh, DH comment priceless! and I have too few cottons, would have more but limited by format and designs.
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  6. plus size also— for me, choosing the beautiful right scarf so much easier than finding the right-size RTW. I can just “barely” make a 90 work as a top under a blazer—best of both worlds—as long as I don’t have to remove the blazer....:eek:
  7. Same here :lol:
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  8. This might be a great season for scarf clothes. I haven’t been shopping yet but I’m seeing a lot more collarless tops, jackets and coats than usual in the catalogs that arrive daily.
  9. Indeed! I've turned away from many a mock or T-neck. Even backed away from tie-neck blouses (which are quite flattering on me). Why have a bunch of built-in fabric up there when one could wear a scarf instead?
  10. Gosh, I think I've been a "scarf clothes" wearer most of my life...before I even wore scarves. The first place I lived abroad was Moscow, Russia (1995-1997). I got folded into a very sophisticated and polished group of women from the Woman's International Club while there. One of them confided in me that while looking for potential friends at events, she avoided those who wore clothes with small patterns on them....she called it "church lady clothes". She thought me interesting because I wore my "wedding dress" to an event and said so. I got married to my then husband wearing an olive tunic sweater and olive stretch pants back in 1992.
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  11. Love this story! Interestingly my criteria for my (2nd) wedding dress is something I could wear out to events again! :P
    Oh and and me to the “scarf clothes crew” lol.
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  12. You are so cool! You must have rocked their world!
  13. I too love to wear a silk scarf under a turtleneck (or over one for that matter). Love the feeling of silk around my neck.

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  14. Love the green Brides de Gala, no wonder it’s remained the most iconic design ever, it looks so cool and elegant every time.
    Other designs come and go, but for me your photo says it all!
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    That looks fantastic! All of those. But I am totally stealing the turtleneck look. :smile: I’m not sure I can pull off a 90 though under a close-fitting turtle. I wonder if it would look too bulky? Hmmm...
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