Scarves What do you love about wearing H scarves?

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  1. I so love your post! How delightful to read that you have this realization about yourself and put effort into seeking things that give pleasure to your senses. (I suspect that many of us H lovers are sensory soul sisters/brothers.) Creating beauty for yourself and others can add up to an entire life well-lived. :heart: You’ve given me something to think about today. :flowers:
  2. ITA!:flowers:
  3. ITA again!!:flowers:
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  4. I love this post, I too love the feel of silk around my neck and the crispness of a new Hermes scarf! My absolute favorite way to wear my scarves is tucked inside a cowl neck sweater like pictured. I love the pop of color, the sensuality of the silk and the fact that the scarf stays perfectly put all day!
    HS222 (2).jpg
  5. That’s a great look and a great idea! Cowls are supposed to be relaxed of course, but I could also see doing this with some turtlenecks. It drives me crazy when turtlenecks are not perfectly smooth and close-fitting from my collarbone to my jawline, so for those loosey-goosey turtles that like to flop at the top, a scarf inside would provides a great finish and maybe grant them a stay of execution for another season. :amuse:
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  6. Thank you Etriers, I agree with you and I do love wearing my scarves tucked inside loose turtlenecks as well as shown. I prefer to keep my scarves neat and tidy, that way I don't have to worry about retying or fussing with them or getting them snagged or spilling something on them, heaven forbid! It's so much fun to experiment with our scarves!

  7. I love wearing scarves in the fall/winter/spring. It’s cold here more often than not, and even in a professional setting, they provide some warmth and a bit of fun in an otherwise stuffy conservative environment.
    I also have a very simple wardrobe full of neutrals, so this is how I can give my look a nice little pop of something.
    I also keep scarves for nostalgia from travel or a special event. My first H scarf was my first H purchase on a trip to Greece back in 2009. I remember that day fondly as it was just my mom, my youngest daughter and myself. I still have that scarf of course :heart:
  8. Oh this is a great idea, sharing a photo of your favorite way of tying scarves! Gives a lot of us some awesome inspiration!
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  9. I love reading this thread!

    Many of the reasons that others have touched on are also on my list.

    I am not much of a necklace person, and so scarves fill in for that as a way to “complete” an outfit. Also, my wardrobe is very very casual, and scarves give a little polish to it. Plus, I have loved scarves almost as long as I can remember, first when playing dress up with both my grandmothers scarves when I was little, to the (inexpensive) ones I collected when I was a teen. I also like the artistry, the feel of silk, and having something that always makes me feel more put together (even when I’m not) and look more “professional” (or authoritative??) because that is an area I can use all the help I can get.

    I rotate formats over the course of the year so pocket squares mostly get used in summer. But moussies, and 90’s make it through most of the year. CSGM is also very useful in summer here in heavy AC besides being warm in cold weather so I think I manage to make good use of them all pretty equally though moussies are my favorite for sheer ( lol) beauty.

  10. That’s very cool! (Or from her wallet’s perspective...a curse!) I tried to convert my mom, but no dice....she just doesn’t wear I remain all alone, but have always been a maverick. Working on a passive conversion of Mr Bcat to H... :lol: I buy him H silk ties and pocket squares for his concert vests and jackets. Have *almost* convinced him on leather for his Apple Watch.
  11. I tried to convert my mom as well, didn’t work, but MrLola is surprisingly one of my biggest enablers :P. He’s not a scarfie himself (yet!) but he loves leathers and exotic skins.
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  12. I’ve always loved scarves and I love the artists and history of H scarves. I work in a professional setting, and found statement necklaces to be heavy after a long day. Years ago during a women’s network event, a senior woman on a panel gave advice in order to have presence in a meeting, wear color, a scarf or a statement necklace. I guess it stuck with me. I think it also helps me look a bit older/experienced/confidence to have authority, by looking a bit more put together. I guess now people notice my collection because I have so many. I’ve stopped buying clothes with patterns years ago, and just buy scarf clothes :biggrin:
  13. Scarf clothes! Love the terminology!
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  14. :lol: MrBcat is a huge enabler for me as well, when it comes down to it..."just get it while you can if you like it!" (Oh- my pocketbook has listened to him too many times!!!)

    Yes- scarf clothes. That is also what i buy. :lol:
  15. "Scarf clothes" indeed! Same here. Virtually NO prints or patterns in my blouses and tops. Must focus!