Scarves What do you love about wearing H scarves?

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  1. Thank you so much Etriers!
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  2. I absolutely love this question and it’s been a joy to read everyone’s answers - I like them all!

    I visited my first H boutique in 2013 but my first scarf was lab du temps that I purchased online. I still remember unfolding that scarf on my dining room table and just being awestruck by the detail in the artwork, and just truly amazed at the silk and the hem and just everything about it. That was it - I was in love!

    After some trial and error, the 90 is my format and I wear one every single day that I work and sometimes for fun. I also bought the scarf hanging system and enjoy one in our bedroom as art that I rotate. Like many of you, my wardrobe has lots of solid colors, and I can wear jeans and a tunic or a t or a blouse and a scarf with a long pendant and I look as dressed up as if I’m wearing nice trousers and heels (unfortunately heels are not available to me anymore after some bone issues). Because I have always run warm since I was a little kid I cannot wear shawls or anything with Cashmere or other wool, which is a shame because there are some gorgeous pieces from H. The silk on the 90 I can tie in a way where there’s not much silk around my neck and so I wear them during the summer as well. In the winter the silk tied differently keeps my neck just warm enough. In fact I feel positively undressed without a scarf!! And I use some on my bags as well.

    In my entire life I have never received so many compliments as I have on these lovely pieces of art that are wearable around our necks. This week I was walking down the hall in my office building and a woman I didn’t know stopped me and she said “oh my I LOVE your scarf. It just makes me happy”. It happened to be cw01 Animapolis. She could not have said it any better for me, they simply make me happy.

    I also feel pulled together, chic, finished and happy in them, so I’ve become a lifelong collector as so many of you lovelies are as well. The artists that create these are so incredibly talented, and because of that, I can’t bring myself to buy scarves from any other house. I like supporting the artists and love the vastly different works these scarves represent.

    thanks so much for your question, it was lovely to ponder. H scarves are simply fabulous!!
  3. I run hot too so sadly I wear my scarves infrequently..can only wear my 90’s when it’s lower than 60degrees. Oh please Please share your tying technique :flowers:
  4. I also like the H scarves, especially for the fashion pattern chiffon H scarves.
  5. Hi essiedub - I do few things to minimize silk around my neck. One is to tie two corners together in a small knot, like to top two (although depending on the part of the scarf you want at you neck, any two will do, and then I slip it over my head. Sometimes I let it fall free, so it is like a long wider maxi twilly (not sure this makes sense). I either leave it like that, or I use a scarf ring halfway up. I’m tall, so I like the long fall of silk. That way the only part of my neck is the small knot and a single layer of silk. I also bought these cool fabric magnets from The Grommet, and the smaller ones are perfect for attaching a scarf however you’d like without having any fabric around your neck. HTH
  6. I am quite surprised that many of you Ladies refer to silk as (too )warm.
    For me, silk is a very cooling material.
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    Just means we are all unique -and I don’t know about you but I don’t want layers of anything around my neck outside in 90+ degree heat!!
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  8. Silk plume or regular thin silk can be cooling, but the Hermès silk twill is just a bit too much in summer for me.
    And the airy silk plume only comes on 140 cm scarves, and that is a lot of silk for summer.
    Mousseline silk is the only thing bearable...
  9. A wonderful post! :heart:
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  10. Thank you - it was so fun to read everyone’s experiences and to think about my own. Life with H scarves is so much better!:smile:
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  11. I’ve always been a scarf person, so discovering H scarves was truly something extra! The fantastic thing about their designs and color ways is that you can never really say never. Tastes change and the one scarf you may have said no to can eventually become a yes! I’m going to pick up the quad bayadere triangle in blue encre/cobalt this week - something I said absolutely no to only a few months back.

    And another wonderful development: I’ve converted my best friend into an H scarves addict. She actually initiated a visit to Madison this past Saturday (I’m usually begging her to go with me to keep me in check). She admitted that once she bought scarf 1,2 and 3, she needed more. She was even almost late to work last week because she didn’t have an H scarf with purple to complement her outfit (and she’s the queen of purple accessories- none of her non H purple silks would do).
  12. What a great develovement, sf newyorker!
    It must be great fun to share your love for H scarves with your friend!
    Maybe she will register here as well.
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    Love your post! No becomes yes and yes become OMG I MUST HAVE now! Love your friends story - I’m with her, I’m a purple girl too! My fondest wish is that h will make Anemone available in bags again someday or parme or ultraviolet.....and of course multiple scarves would be needed!!! Good work on her conversion:Pwe welcome her!
  14. Baby steps! I’ll have her filling her closet with more than 90s soon enough. BTW, she wore her Animapolis 90 to NY Comic Con a couple weekends back. She received very nice comments from artists and attendees. It goes to show you that H can conquer any setting. I sadly wasn’t able to attend as it was all sold out - I would’ve rocked my dragon flash!
  15. I’m a sensory person. I love seeing things that are aesthetically pleasing, feeling soft, smooth silkiness on my skin, smelling something that I can breathe into and bask in, and of course tasting delicious things and hearing pleasant, calming sounds. Hermes scarves check off 3 of these things. As several posters mentioned, they are works of art - even better - they’re art that I can wear, touch and smell. Scarves make me happy - they add life, color and dimension to a boring palette and feel like a soft hug when I slip them around my neck.
    I only wear csgm’s now, but still enjoy the feel of silk and the vibrancy of silk scarves. The joy of unboxing a new scarf, breathing in the new scarf smell and and ultimately slipping it around my neck is second to none. I don’t ‘need’ any more scarves but I can’t resist the urge when I come upon one that truly calls to me.