Scarves What do you love about wearing H scarves?

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  1. My mum was all about keeping the chill off the tummy (SE Asian here!).

    And I wear scarves because I woke up one day and realized that I had all these lovely scarves in the cupboard collected as art, and I really should be wearing my art. DH thinks it's very funny :biggrin:
  2. Although interesting, let's not get too off topic please.
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  3. That's such a good point about being able to travel lighter. So true.
  4. Such a great insight into your world andaam so pleased scarves help your challenges. Imean that in a completely non-patronising way so I hope it doesn’t come across as such. I have 3 family members from different generations that have been diagnosed with the condition, as well as a dear friend, and find your post very helpful.
  5. Sorry, pt!
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  6. Although I am not a true hermes ‘scarfie’ yet, and never thought it would be my style, I love them now. @papertiger you were my inspiration.
  7. I'm blushing!
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  8. Once I retired and started traveling to European capitals often starting in 2012, I found a new interest in scarves. Also started streamlining my wardrobe both for travel and home, which led me to a wardrobe mostly of solids. Then I began searching for a souvenir scarf after taking Queen Mary 2 ship. That led me to eBay and the world of Hermes. I bought my “souvenir” scarf, but then became captivated by the artistry, diversity and quality of the H scarves. I am particularly drawn to scarves that I have connection with the topic portrayed- such as a place visited, favorite colors, botanical..
    At any rate, one scarf led to MANY others. I do still own a few nonH scarves, but I mostly wear just the Hermes ones.

    As others have said, I have a very simple plain wardrobe, so use scarves for a pop of color and design. Also love them while traveling so I don’t get so bored with the small capsule I bring with me. I also like to visit H stores in new cities, and often end up buying a “souvenir”.
  9. I've always loved H scarves, my first one, which I stil have, was a present from my MIL almost 40 years ago! For many years I hardly ever wore them as I thought they were a bit "old ladyish", lol....Now that I'm older I wear them much more, although in my neck of the woods there is a very short period during the year in which temperatures are right for scarves: it's either too hot or too cold. I wear cashmere shawls more than scarves. Also I much prefer older designs to the more recent ones, so I still buy scarves when a re-issue I like comes up, but fewer than before.
  10. :smile: Credit where credit is due. I get lots of inspiration from the forum. Scarves, bags... :yes: colours... I liked the comment about scarves being like jewellery. I don’t feel ‘dressed’ without a scarf now.
  11. I own more silk scarves than I have occasions to wear, but when I do select one it is like looking through an art collection. Seeing one I forgot about is a thrill.

    Cashmere and silk I wear more often, as they can take the place of a sweater in summer as well as winter.

    Has anyone mentioned cotton scarves? I love them as they work in hot weather as well. Once when looking at a necklace, my husband said, "I thought you liked to tie a rag around your neck." If he only knew..... I adore the Kermit Oliver Cowgirl ones.
  12. I have also been a scarf nut for many years and started adding H scarves a few years ago. I have a few 90s, which always seem like a good idea to buy at the time, but I continue to struggle with finding the right opportunities to wear them. But they are gorgeous and I am confident that I will "grow into" them.

    I don't have the same problem with mousselines - nothing from any other house even comes close in the quality of texture and richness of color. Or the designs. Pry one of these out of my cold, dead hands!
  13. So true about the colors! Do you get drawn in to the seasonal colors and create outfits around them then? Love the thought about traveling light and looking polished. Someone on tPF (I can’t remember who) often packs a stack of scarves when she travels. Is that you? Such a great idea.

    It is fascinating to hear about how everyone chooses their scarves, why they choose a certain color or theme. Probably if there were a “scarf reader” like a palm reader, she could tell a lot about us from looking at our collections.

    What shapes of cotton scarves do you wear most? I’d love to see some cotton scarves in large lozenges or giant triangles.

    Mousses are so elegant and romantic. I’m very intimidated by them and I need to get over that! :smile:
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  14. The whole day is better when I wear one of my silk scarves.
    I dress rather simply in dark colours because I am plus sized, and a beautiful scarf just adds the right amount of colour to my outfit.
    For instance, today I wear for the office: Navy trousers, navy knitted cardigan, white blouse with navy stripes and navy shoes.
    Very simple and very plain- but around the neck I wear my beautiful 90×90 silk scarf " Peuple du Vent" in bright colours- and I am feeling great!
  15. It sounds like a gorgeous outfit! :heart: Simple dressing in dark colors for business is always chic.