Scarves What do you love about wearing H scarves?

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  1. #1 Sep 26, 2019
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2019
    I don’t know if it is Autumn coming and the excitement of pulling out my silks and cashmeres after a long, hot summer but I can’t seem to get enough of thinking and talking about scarves lately. Thank heavens for TPF or I would surely drive my friends insane.

    Please share what you love best about wearing scarves and where you wear them most. :heart: Are you an art collector? Is it how they liven up specific outfits? Is it the luxury of wearing H around your neck or shoulders or bag? The colors? Are they a “security blanket”? I mentioned on another thread that for me, since I work at home, I like wearing jeans and tees and then being able to toss on a scarf and blazer and feel pulled together when I leave the house. I feel chic even with no makeup. :smile:. Mods, if there is another thread like this, please combine. Thank you!
  2. You hit on many of the reasons that factor in my love of H scarves. It doesn’t help I’m still a relative newbie (less than 2 years of salivating over the next great design, blend or format) and want anything that elicits a visceral reaction, though I’ve managed to somewhat temper this tendency recently.

    For me, I love how scarves add dimension and life to my otherwise conservative work outfits. I love how they dress up my casual weekend wear. Even when I’m sporting a faded 10 year old black tank/tee, throwing on a scarf will update my look. And there’s no right or wrong way to wear or tie a scarf -creativity is encouraged.

    And of course, the dormant artist in me continues to admire each season’s new palette; the practical me needs the warmth it provides in a cold office; and the shopper in me enjoys the hunt for that special silk/cashmere.
  3. Patterns have never been part of my wardrobe. In fact I can count on two hands the number of tops/bottoms/dresses that have any pattern on them and of these, most are plaid (so not exactly the most adventurous of patterns.)

    So imagine my surprise when I am able to wear and enjoy wearing all the myriad of colours and patterns that H shawls offer. And I love the story and detail behind each of them. Also I live in a tropical climate with lots of indoor air conditioning so CSGM scarves are practical and so well suited to the climate here.

    My struggle is coming up with different ways of wearing them. I mostly just drape them over my shoulder or double loop them. Recently got a scarf ring and learned a few new ways from my clever SA but not yet comfortable with styling them so deliberately yet.
  4. I started wearing them to give me some sort of air of authority over a classroom full of adults, some older than me. I'm not sure it actually worked from their viewpoint but it gave me a little confidence.

    Since then I wear one almost every day and in every way. Now, practically, it's mostly because I need to be warm in a cold room or when I go outside. In truth I am sure they've improved my health.

    One of theless practical reasons is that I love having something about me I love, almost like a part of me no-one can take away or wear down. I think it boosts my confidence - goodness knows sometimes I need my scarves around me.
  5. I've always enjoyed wearing silk scarves, I love the pop of color they add to an outfit, whether casual or business. I also love the feel of silk around my neck and Hermes scarves certainly feel the most luxurious!
  6. A great question. I can’t wait to hear others. Firstly nothing is better in the dead of winter than soft silk wrapped around your neck. I enjoy them for the design it brings to my monochromatic neutral based wardrobe. And I just love to gaze at my collection. :amuse:
  7. How wonderful! Did you discover H scarves after wearing other scarves or is Hermes your first foray into scarves? What was it that drew you to Hermes vs. another brand or do you collect others as well? What designs first grabbed your attention?

    Oh my gosh you’re right. I never thought of it that way but it’s kind of amazing as a pattern-phobe that I’m perfectly fine with the craziest H patterns. :smile: Living in a tropical climate do you lean toward certain colors or themes?

    I love that. So do you think of your scarves sort of like your signature?

    So true! :heart: It sounds like you collect other brands too. Do you tend to reach for your H scarves more than your other scarves or at certain times or special events?

    Lol! Me too! I love looking at my scarves. I wish they would do more RTW in scarf silks. I loved the vests they used to do. And if the H gods are listening, I’d really like a pair of Zebra Pegasus pajamas. :biggrin:
  8. H scarves keep my neck warm in a workplace that's usually freezing. I also work overnight, so sometimes I don't feel like getting dressed up. My "I'm in a hurry to get to work" uniform is usually a pair of jeans, heels, a colorful t-shirt or silk shirt and a blazer, accented with an H scarf and some H bracelets.
  9. Interesting topic, reasons why can have a broad spectrum. For me there are both “shallow” reasons like the luxurious scarf brand that has been the favourite of so many celebrities for example in the 50s and 60s that I stylewise adore and more “respected” reasons like the quality, the function and the heritage Hermès scarves have. I got my first scarves as presents and liked the silk but didn’t use them so much, because they were too fancy, too slippery and I didn’t know how to fold&wear them (still struggling with my 90s). At the time I also felt that the 90s silks were not my everyday style.

    After buying Hermès bags and discovering twillies, MTs and CSGM shawls I’ve lately become more interested in scarves and their history. TPF has been a good source and inspiration but also books and internet. What I love about wearing the scarves is connected to the history, I buy them sometimes as a souvenir ( no H boutique in my country) so wearing a specific shawl brings back good memories. This is especially true about the pieces I have inherited, remembering a person who used to carry the scarf and loved it as much as I gives me good feelings. There are also functional reasons, the shawls keep me warm and I get a lot of positive attention when wearing my H, because I seldom see anyone else wearing one in my country. The colours make me happy too, I have my favourite designs and I can reflect my mood and style (everything between sensual, sexy, sporty to professional and conservative) by wearing the right design.

    I intend to keep my collection well curated and very happy with what I have. Finally I love the fact that a scarf/CSGM means I need less outstanding rtw and can focus on basic casual pieces that I dress upp. This is good for my wallet too.
  10. I only have 90s. Its the colours for me, and I love how warm they keep me without being bulky around my neck. Beautiful and functional!
  11. What a great post! Among other ideas, I love that you buy them sometimes as souvenirs. When you do that do you buy scarves you’ve had your eye on in general, or a scarf that reflects the place you’re visiting in some way?

    For being in a hurry, it sounds like you look fabulous.
  12. Thank you :smile: I have a good friend here at tPF that also buys scarves as souvenirs, so I guess it’s not that uncommon, especially since we both come from countries with either very limited selections or no boutique at all. My hobby when travelling is to ”collect H stores”, I made a roadtrip to Europe two years ago when I visited 17 boutiques and this year added 6 for to my ”collection”. We all scarfies know that the products look different in reality compared to online, some cws never en up at and some can even be so special that they can only be found at a specific store. I try to seize the opportunity when I see something I like. I’m soon going to London and there is a scarf I have been lurking after online but the right cw hasn’t been available. I have high hopes to buy it in London instead. My ”London CSGM” that I bought two years ago, is a colourful spontaneous shawl that I never would have bought online but I fell in love with the cw despite having already bought two of the same design. I was also encouraged by some lovely tPFers (accomplished scarfies) and sometimes that is all you need to feel happy.

    I rather collect H scarves as souvenirs than traditional tourist stuff. Wearing these scarves always puts a smile on my face :smile:
  13. Funny you should ask that question, before discovering H silks, I would dress and go to my scarf drawer and select a scarf that matched my outfit. Since my decent down the H slippery slope, I now go to my scarf drawer, select an H scarf and build my outfit around it. I'm building a H scarf collection large enough to wear H most often, My non H scarves are sooooooooooooooo jealous! lol
  14. I love CSGM. I have tired the 90s, and they just don't work for me. In the summer the 90s are too hot around my neck and I have no waist to accent so I would never wear as a belt. However, CSGM is perfect for every season. They provide warmth in the fall and winter, and in the summer they look chic popping out of my birkin to throw on in the chilly AC. I would have to say my signature is a CSGM, with a birkin being a close second (sometimes I need hands-free and the evelyne is brought out). I love wearing a CSGM because my style is so simple and down right boring. I'm 99.9% of the time in jeans (except in summer then it's shorts) a white, black or navy v-neck tee, and cardigan or v-neck cashmere sweater depending on weather. The CSGM adds interest and has now become almost like a security blanket. I feel naked without one! Wearing an hermes shawl makes my uber boring clothes feel chic and lux too me:smile: I don't buy RTW because my weight fluctuates and I would hate to buy uber expensive clothes and then they sit unworn because I'm too fat or skinny. With shawls they always fit!
  15. What I love about my small collection of 90s silks is the fact that I wear them like/instead of jewellery.