What do you love about the zip clutch?

  1. I'm in need of a new wallet, and I think I'm going to go with the zip clutch. But I need a little bit of enabling :p What do you love about your zip clutch? What colors do you think look the best in the ZC?

    Since all of my MJ bags are colored, I'm leaning towards a nice, basic black ZC. But I'm not sure ... what do you think? Half of the fun of MJs are the beautiful colors!
  2. EVERYTHING it is the greatest thing I have ever owned!!!!!!!!!!and I have black!
  3. Most of all, I love the soft leather and love the soft interior (which they are discontinuing - BOO!). As a close second, I love the organization. Just enough room for everything I need in my wallet, including my card key at work, which I put in the back slot and can use my wallet to get into the office that way. And of course I love the little pushlocks on the front for keeping change in and for just being adorable.

    I like to have mine in basic colors so I can carry it with all my handbags without clashing!
  4. Love my ZC, the leather is so soft and I love my gold hardware. I have it chartreuse and bordeaux.
  5. I love the ZC...you can fit a lot more stuff than you think. It keeps me organized, not to mention that if I need to run a quick errand, that's all I need. My first zc was in black because I wanted something basic...but I agree that half of the fun is the variety of colors! I recently got another zc in bordeaux and I'm planning to get a grey one next. I would say definitely go for the zc. You will love it as much as all of us do. :tup: Don't forget to post pics when you get your zc!!!
  6. It fits a great deal of cards/money/etc., it is super stylish, and it's MJ!
  7. great thread! i've been going through the same dilema! may i ask if all you ladies have the mainline ZC's or the M by MJ softy ones???
  8. mainline ZC in topaz and it's so so so beautiful and awesome. there's something ok about clashing MJ colors. I use it with my peacock sophia and even though they are different blues, they are both in the green-blue family so it works. I use it in my purple tylie malibu bag, etc. I think you can't go wrong with two beautiful bold colors popping against each other.
  9. ^ditto!!!!
  10. I love the organization! So many pockets and compartments! Plus, it's adorable, so you can use it on it's own!
  11. I ditto what everyone has said. I used to be devoted to my white multicolor LV pti wallet, but my mother kept raving about her zc, so I finally got one and I'm converted!!! I LOVE it. Everything about it is just awesome. Mine is Cherry Blossom and I wear it with all my bags.
  12. I have a Topaz ZC like nicolj and I love mine. It was my graduation gift to myself. I haven't gone a day without using it since I got it, a little less than a year ago. The organization and style are great. I usually get compliments when I pull it out of my bag. I would recommend it to anyone!
    One thing I would say is that the quilted one is (to me) a lot heavier (and more expensive) than the regular, but you should compare the two in person if you're unsure.
  13. ^^ True love everything about this wallet...i have them in both black and olive(both with silver hardware) I am a saving up for a another one preferably a red one this time.
  14. OMG cherry blossom?@?@?@?@?:wtf: where'd you get it from?? OMG!:yahoo: could you take a pic???
  15. I have two ZCs - a soft calf one in Geranium and a quilted one in Teal. I love the many sections and zippered/pushlock compartments. It holds several credit cards with plenty of room for xtra cards/pics. You can even fit your checkbook in it, if you really want to. In my opinion, the color doesn't matter as it's on the INSIDE of your bag and the only time you see it is when you pull it out - I used my Geranium one with every bag I owned in every color from black to brown to blue to khaki to grey. I finally bought a new one in December after 1st markdowns - I decided after 3+ years, it was time for a second one. But you can make one ZC last a lifetime if you wanted to! Altho black is practical, I agree that it's more fun to buy a pretty color that you love!