What do you love about Chanel vintage bags?

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  1. I love the jumbo classic flaps as the flap is higher up and is straight across and not curved.

    Also I heard that the old jumbo is bigger than the new jumbo.

    I have always liked the vintage look but have never brought vintage anything before, but the old Chanels styles are hard to beat and are so charming!
  2. Ooooh,where do I start?! The size is bigger than the new styles, they are so much more durable looking and feeling, the overall quality is better. Love the older, heavier chains too.
    I think the best part is that they have a history...if only they could talk and tell us all the secrets they've held and the wonderful places they've been!
  3. i don't have any vintage as of today..but maybe next week I will :rolleyes: I have the jumbo classic..love it.. and also in love with the Vintage Jumbo Flap..can't stop thinking about it..

    Yupe, the size is bigger, but vintage also came in 12inch. That's why some people call it XL Jumbo for the biggest one.
  4. i love vintage bags, and i do love the old classic flap than the new ones...
    i love that the flap is straighter, i love that my chains are more "used" and not bright new condition.

    and one more reason i love vintage chanels, is also because they're not eveerwhere. not like the new ones with sky rocketed high price but still carried by lots of people.
  5. I don't have one, but want one in the XL size! The current jumbo size doesn't work for me, but a vintage would be perfect. The vintage size and shape have a more classic appeal to me.
  6. i lurrvve....vintage chanels! They are more sutle 'cos i dont like in your face flaunting of chanel! Somehow the designs from the past appeals to me! I prefer their vintage styles than the new ones that are around!

    The lambskin feels and looks so much better!
  7. I love everything about my vintage lambskin bag! It is a flap style that is no longer made, and its a piece of Chanel history that I am honored to own. I often wonder who owned it before me, they took such good care of it. I believe it's 15-20 years old and it is still in great condition, the leather shows hardly no wear at all and the hardware still looks new. I kind of feel like I have taken on the responsibility of being its caretaker, and think I owe it to the previous owner to baby it as much as I can. It is by far my favorite possession.
  8. I love my vintage bags! I honestly feel as though Chanel made better quality bags back then. The lambskin was more durable and less tempermental, the stitching was tighter...the resin chains didn't break! While I LOVE alot of the newer styles, I love the quality of the older ones more. I'd much rather have a vintage flap than a new flap because I feel it will hold up better. Viva la vintage!!!
  9. hello chanel vintage lovers! a friend of mine is selling her vintage chanel bags...i need your help in deciding which of the following bags is worth buying. please, i need to decide now. i'm meeting with her tomorrow. thanks!