What do you look like??

  1. I'm ugly and fat.
  2. I constantly get Angelina Jolie/Jessica Alba/Miley Cyrus....imagine that! Lol
  3. about 5'5, medium to long brunette hair, average build (not skinny but definitely not overweight either), and brown eyes.
  4. 5'8
    straight brown hair that goes past my boobs
    half asian/half white
  5. 5'4", long highlighted hair, vietnamese, wears glasses, overweight, obese, fat & ugly.
  6. 5'4", small, with brown hair and green eyes. I'm told I look 'European'
    Someone told me Sandra Bullock once but I think that's off.
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    I've gotten Angela Bassett, Sanaa Lathan, Kenya Moore and Lynn Whitfield also Scary Spice (I have naturally curly hair) I guess all black people do look alike... All my life I've heard, "I saw someone today that looks just like you." I started to feel bad, bc I'm thinking, man I got a common face. Then I put my own spin on it and decided, ppl just love me so much that they look for me in everyone they see. :smile:

    I know it's not a celebrity lookalike thread just thought I'd go with the flow. 5'6" mostly legs, athletic (for real) curly black shoulder length hair, but flat iron, so its pass my shoulders when straight, brown eyes, full lips, small mouth, go figure, full high cheek bones, heart shaped face.
  8. Short, pregnant, chunky, extreme curly hair borderline afro, indian face, black girl body thats me
  9. I'm a toss up of Valerie Bertinelli and Sally Field
  10. ^your cat is so cute!!

    I've grown out my hair, past my shoulder--mid chest, Asian so it's not black black..in sunlight kinda golden brown. almond eyes, double eyelids enhanced with liner/shadow in neutral colours, funny nose (not flat, not sharp), full lips.. oval shaped.

    people say I'm pale/light skin but I disagree

    also currently plagued with acne -_________-
  11. i look like brad pitt...
  12. 5'8", size 12 (working on losing some), brown hair to my waist.
  13. Wouldn't be easier if we posted our pics? Lol!
  14. i look like my mom & dad. they are favorite to me.

  15. You lucky girl!:smile: