What do you look like??

  1. My DH and friends swear I look like flash back from the 80's Phoebe Cates
    phoebe cates.jpg
  2. Everyone on the forum is so beautiful! I am always amazed by how fashionable and attractive all you ladies and gents are!

    Cheshire I love your features- eyes and pout!
    Winona you really look like a model
    Ohuprettything you are even prettier than Maya!

    This is me... in the US I hear Lucy Liu a lot...I think she is gorgeous but does not really look like me and I am probably compared to her because we are both Asian.
  3. wow...both of them are not the typ chinese beauty.....but i think they are both hot...esp carrie ng...nice body. too bad they weren't that famous....well...i watched them when i was growing up.

  4. your pictures are very artistic...r u a model or something?


  5. that's so true! you're in the 2nd pic right? very close!! :yes:
  6. yeah me to. i get drew barrymore SO often, but when she was younger. my weight goes up and down though so on my skinniest i get told hilary duff.
  7. Well, it's not easy....without posting a picture. And I'd like not to post my pic.
    My BF says I look a bit like Winona Ryder...:rolleyes: (yeah...I would love to.. if I didn't have that nose!)
    Sometimes I think I can look a little little bit like Kate Winslet.
    But normally in the morning, when I wake up, I immediately think of Ugly Betty!:roflmfao:
  8. ^^ hahah your so! winona ryder is so beautiful! so i'm sure you are too

    everyone on this forum is beautiful! special thanks to everyone who posted a pic of the celeb AND a pic of themselves for comparision

    i will do that too one day ahah just cant be bothered right now as i am at work

    post away beautiful ladies, can't wait to get more faces to names!:coolpics:
  9. I think this thread is doing a lot to dispell the idea of unattractive people sitting at their computers all day. What a lovely group!
    When my hair was longer, I always was told how much I look like Reese Witherspoon, which is funny because I think I look like her more in Election with the shorter 'do.
  10. OMG, Danae! I'm in loooooooooooove!!!:love:

    what a bunch of gorgeous people on here:sweatdrop:
  11. Yep, totally:tup:. I love Cheryl Hines. Not a bad person to look like. Both of you, very pretty!
  12. I used to get Alyssa Milano alot (back when her hair was long).
  13. For some reason I can't get my pics to post...will try again later.
  14. I can't get over how gorgeous everyone is, and how funny the comparisons are, Kate Jackson, Kate Winslet, Cheryl Hines, Lucy Liu....hahahaha... this thread is totally cracking me up.
  15. [​IMG] ellen pompeo

    I finally loaded some pics.
    The shot of me is just a recent one taken quickly by my young son...sothat's my excuse! LOL
    jeans black city 003.jpg