What do you look like??

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  1. Wow, winona, how gorgeous can you get? :shocked:

    Let's stone her!!! :death:
  2. deco- ACK NO!!!! Stone my parents gene combo!! I have nothing to do with it!! I was a chemistry experiment by two lusty 20 somethings....I have good taste in bags SPARE MY LIFE! NO STONES THEY WILL HURT THE LEATHER!!!:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  3. ^you do look like parker, but you're prettier. do you model? the first pic looks like it's been taken from a magazine or something.

    ohupprettything you look ALOT like the singer MIA!:

  4. You are right!! She's amazing.

    Thanks Verty, my friend is a famous photographer, he took those of me when we were bored.
  5. OMG, winona, you're gorgeous and I can totally see the Parker Posey! That's a compliment too, I think she's completely adorable!

    chalmaz, Michelle Williams with red hair sounds soo pretty; would you post a picture?

    mshel, thank you - you're so sweet! My eyes are really that blue (and my skin is really that pale, lol), but my hair is not *naturally* that pretty. I'm a brunette with a really good colourist. :p

    This thread is a lot of fun! I like being able to picture you all when you post!
  6. ohupprettything you look ALOT like the singer MIA!:


    man, I hear that a lot!

    but last december when i was in india many ppl told me i look like aishwarya rai (i wish!)
  7. I actually have great skin! People always comment on it. BUt then I stay out of the sun!!
  8. ^Well, you're a fellow Seattleite, right? That makes staying out of the sun super easy! :p
  9. Here I am sledding in Lake Tahoe over Xmas vacation with my kids.


    I've been told I resemble Shannen Doherty, Courtney Cox and Kate Jackson.......I don't see it though.

  10. Danae, you're gorgeous! I'd love to have your coloring.
  11. hubby says i look like Katherine McPhee

  12. When I was younger someone once told me I looked like Tiffani-Amber Thiessen from Saved by the Bell, I never saw it, except maybe our cheeks. Anyways that's the only celebrity look alike comment I've ever gotten, for the most part everyone says I resemble my father, but prettier, lol!
  13. People say I look like Kathryn Morris from Cold Case Files.

    Cheshire Cat, you are gorgeous!
    kathryn morris2.jpg kathryn morris.jpg

  14. I totally see Kate Jackson - that is what I thought before I even saw the names you posted! Too cute!
  15. I CONSTANTLY get told I look like Cheryl Hines from "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and I hate it! Why couldn't it be like Claudia Schiffer or Heather Locklear or on those lines....Kate Hudson!
    020208_hines_300X400.jpg IMG_4759 (2).JPG