What do you look like??

  1. Inspired by the “what celebrity do you look like” thread in the celebrity section of The Playground, I thought it might be fun to have a Balenciaga forum one.

    I figure that as we all speak quite regularly, or at least read each others opinions regularly, it would be fun if we where able to put faces to names

    Sooo… the main aim is, post a picture of a celebrity you bear a resemblance to or if you want a photo of yourself – balenciaga bag optional but you get extra points! :woohoo:

    Mod’s if this is against the rules sorry! Feel free to delete

    To start off, here are the ones people always tell me I look like (don't think its 100% accurate but need to get the thread moving :supacool:)
  2. [​IMG]

    I just wish i had her body, but alas.....

    anyway post away ladies!
  3. I have been told I look like Jennifer Aniston...No pics of me though, sorry...
  4. over the years people have said:

    sandra bullock (I like this one)
    barbara streisand (eh I think its the big nose and wacky hair)
    debra winger (80's chick)
    robin scorpio on general hospital

    and on a really bad hair and face day- Amy winehouse!
  5. I look like my mum. Shes's no celebrity. HAa.. Any way here is me. The last pic i took with DBF at SGD Fish & Co.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. ^^ me too!! back in the 80's when i had really short hair, someone said jamie lee curtis, but that's just wrong! with brunette girls, i think they always say SB... not too shabby :girlsigh:
  8. I've been told Jennifer Aniston as well, which I'm flattered but totally don't see.

    I get ..oh crud...someone help me as I'm too lazy to google it....the gal that plays merideth grey on grey's anatomy. I get her all the time. Which, I also don't see and don't find completely flattering. LOL
  9. I am cross between:
    and Bridget JOnes;
  10. my picture is in my profile and i always get Zooey Deschanel or lisa loeb with no glasses...i never understood it because i'm WAY shorter and more petite.
  11. ^you're so cute hellosunshine! i would say zooey :yes:

    liz - your pics dont show up for me.

    chp - i'm too blind to see your photo lol

    i get natalia vodianova (spelling?) and a young brooke shields. it has everything to do with being tall/slim and having big eyebrows :p, but i still appreciate those comments even though those ladies are a billion times more gorgeous than me, i can assure you all! lol
  12. ^^oops mine was of hilary duff

    thansk for lettine me know verty
  13. I don't ever really get told I look like anyone. :confused1: A lady in England once told me I looked like Audrey Tautou (the French actress from Amelie), which was unbelievably flattering... and not very true. :shame:

    Photo 4.jpg
  14. MrsShoeGal, do you have Bridget's gorgeous skin? :upsidedown: Lucky girl!
  15. um. have heard a bit of what mrsshoegal said but my pic is my avatar so....