What do you look for?

  1. What makes you buy a pair of shoes? Do you own multiple variations on one style or is there no rhyme or reason to your collection?
    Do you go shoe shopping with a style in mind or is it a 'fall in love on the spot'.
  2. I definitely impulse buy around 80% of my shoes :shame:

    Unless I'm looking for "practical" shoes (ie. plain black flats I need for walking around), I tend to innocently wander into shoe stores or shoe departments and it always starts out as just trying them on for fun... but sometimes if they look great it's almost as if i HAVE to buy them or I'll regret it or obsess about it all night (I've even dreamt about shoes that got away a couple of times :shame:smile:
  3. I don't really impulse-buy shoes.

    I had a beautiful, beautiful pair of Manolo Blahnik satin high-heeled mules. They were painfully lovely. But satin is impossible to take care of, and although I never stained them or anything, just with general wear the fabric began to split (leather stretches out slightly). I will never buy satin shoes again, no matter how lovely.

    I try to avoid suede, also, because it's so hard to take care of. Wash your hands and accidently get a few drops of water on them -- and they are practically ruined!

    I like camel and black leather shoes. Slingbacks and pumps are great. I avoid anything too strappy because I like my shoes to work for both day and night. I don't own many pairs so when I buy, they're usually quality shoes that have to do double-duty.
  4. We must be related, Intl!! I have the same criteria and preferences, which tends to limit shoes I buy. I don't impulse-buy and I don't own satin or suede.

    I also don't own many pairs, but I don't have a predetermined budget for a pair of shoes I love.

    I do own multiple pairs of the same style in different colors.

    I match shoes to my existing wardrobe, and never the opposite.

    I also never buy shoes that don't fit me well, no matter how much I love them.
  5. I too avoid materials that are difficult to take care of like suede and satin. I also avoid anything too evening-like that can't be worn for day since I don't go out enough to the types of places where you really need evening shoes. I also rarely buy pony hair or velvet shoes since I have dogs that shed and I don't want to have to try to de-fur the shoes each time I wear them.

    I also will only buy shoes that are both streamlined (i.e., not cluncky, frumpy) and comfortable enough I can run around all day in them for work, errands, etc. I hate sore feet! This is usually the toughest thing since most of the comfortable shoes look orthodic - not streamlined.

    I demand quality in all my shoes. I hate the way a shoe with poor construction feels on the foot. I also hate shoes that fall apart quickly. I love shoes with Poron padding - very comfy.

    Most of the time I'm looking for something specific. I do have a couple of impulse buys for cheap trendy shoes but I find that I wear them a few times and they I can't stand them anymore. Not usually so much for the trend... more because my feet hurt most of the time. I'm just afraid I won't get enough use out of them if I buy expensive trendy shoes.

    I tend to buy a lot of comfort brands that produce some streamlined styles like Taryn Rose, Donald Pilner, Anyi Lu, etc.