What do you look for in a mate?

  1. Since I'm kind of on a relationship mode today, may as well keep this one going. What do you look for in a mate? I know that it's difficult to find a person that fits all the criterias, but what are some of the traits that you just absolutely cannot compromise on?
  2. I look for a long list of things but what it comes down to is if I can accept his mess ups (character flaws) and if he can accept mines. If this is a yes, then it's a green light.

    I don't like LIARS and LAZY people.

    I LOVE AMBITION and i love an HONORABLE man. Those are the top two!
  3. Mutual attraction - he HAS to be just as into you as you are into him, loyal, a good friend, intelligence AND common sense (often times more important), tons of personality, I love to laugh A LOT so they HAVE to be funny, NO CHEAP SKATES, risk taker, spontaneous, would love me like he loves himself (or more - that works too!), respectful, humble but 100% confident - and shows it, kind to childern, animals, the elderly and the handicapped, imaginative. I'm sure there's more.......
  4. i need a man who's stronger and braver and who can make decision. i'm not a good decision maker, so i'll need someone who can guide me BUT without being bossy or superior either.
    he has to be funny, smarter than me (not in all ways).
    oh and please, i can't stand a guy that made noises when he eats.
  5. For me I need a guy that is SECURE with himself.

    There is absolutely nothing more unattractive than an insecure man who is clingy, jealous and needy. I am confident in myself and super indepedant so I completely need a guy who is the same way.

    Also a guy who is ambitious and funny!!

    I'd have to say those are my top 3. :yes:
  6. Yes, ditto that!

    I love an ambitious man. I like men that have pretty traditional values that my mom would approve of!
  7. I look for someone who is intelligent, well read, loves to travel, who doesn't discriminate on the basis of race, sexual orientation, religion, someone who is hardworking/sucessful, and blazingly hot.
  8. earning potential :girlsigh:
  9. Amen to that!!! :roflmfao::graucho:
  10. Money.


    No, j/k! :smile:

    Basically, I just look for someone who I can get along with and who will make me laugh and who makes me happy. Looks don't really play an issue - but there has to be SOME sort of physical attraction
  11. These traits are very important to me and I'm blessed my DH personifies all of them. :love:

    - Intelligent

    - Sense of humour

    - Not emotionally constipated or inept

    - Similar backround and sympathetic to others

    - Kind to animals and children

    - Treats others with respect, regardless of who they are or what they

    - NO Players as they tend to be rather arrogant, narcissistic
    and will take you for granted, i.e. a life of misery

    - Social justice and community service oriented

    - Similar ethnic and religious backround (things will come up
    as far as cultural and particularly religious differences)

    - Kind, decent and humble with a good heart

    - Loves me for who I am and accepts my flaws
  12. Has a nice smile, kind-hearted, and has good reasoning skills.
  13. He needs to get "me" and be supportive of my interests.
  14. Ok, here's my list:

    - Honest
    - Sense of Humor
    - Good temper
    - Mature
    - Sealed & Unopened
    - Ambitious
    - Respectful of me
    - Faithful

    Looks and money are not important to me. I absolutely cannot stand guys who are arrogant, over-confident, unfaithful, and condescending. Basically, bad boys never appealed to me. I've always liked goody-two-shoes (cuz they're more fun to corrupt - JUST KIDDING!!!).
  15. Lets see..
    I like someone that is ambitious and hardworking at whatever he decides to pursue.
    Intelligent, kind, giving, and generous...to me with purses? hehe
    And preferably someone who grew up with a similar background to me :smile: