What do you look for in a beauty swap?

  1. MUA uses the token system - positive, negative and neutral.

    I can't wait for this to start! It's going to be so much fun!:yahoo:
  2. This is such a great idea. I am agreeing with all the suggestions thus far. A good feedback system, a certain post #, sub-categories, etc. and perhaps something separate in the PM's so it it easier to keep track of communication with swappers so it doesn't get lost among the midst of other messages?
  3. I've never participated in a swap, but I'd definitely be interested!

    I have a question though -- can there be "cross-category" swaps? For example, I have a lot of nice unopened makeup that I know I'll never use... I'd rather receive items like nail polish or hair products in return. Feasible, or are the swaps usually only nails-for-nails, hair-for-hair, etc?
  4. I think this is why having a wishlist is a good idea. Then you can find people with things your interested in who might be interested in what you want. Almost all I have for swap is np but I've swapped for fragrances and lotions and lip and eye products over on MUA because the wishlist let's you know who wants to stay in one category and who wants to branch out.
  5. Will there be a post requirement? On mua, if you are new, you have to post first because there are so many swaplifters. How can we avoid trolls and swaplifters from creating an account on tpf to just screw people over?
  6. Punishable by DEATH!!!!
    Too much...??
  7. I don't think you will ever fully avoid swap lifts. Organizing the secret swaps everyone who has grabbed a gift and ran has been a LONGTIME member or had a ton of posts.

    Also, on ma my first ever swap we posted at the same time. I think that's usually left to each individual to sort out and decide for themselves.

    I would appreciate an option to search for swappers willing to exchange outside the USA. I find it so frustrating to find an item I want, know I have off her Wishlist only to be messages back with a "sorry. USA only"
  8. Good idea!!
  9. I love this idea. Feedback is super important. I also like the idea of like a "notepad or cover letter" with all your info on it like, wishlist, what you will preferably swap for, if you ship to international or usa only, if you like adding/receiving gifts and what kind, etc.
  10. Feedback system, posting requirement, time on the forum requirement. Not allowing the swapping forum to be visible to people who aren't allowed to see it (if requirements are needed. including people not signed in) otherwise, people will PM other regardless of whether or not they are allowed to swap. (I'm a mod on a forum where we allow trading so I've seen it happen).
  11. good point - I guess there truely is not way of preventing this, but I would like some sort of post requirement as a bare minimum.
  12. Maybe have a time limit as well as a post limit, so you have to be a member for two months and have X number of posts to swap?

    Could the requests to swap could be separated from your other PMs? Like they would always start with Swap Request: so they'd be easily identifiable and deletable?
  13. I am very interested and excited for this! Agree with the feedback system | different categories (bath & body, nail polish, blushes) | searching by brands.

    Oh, having a key listed -- so we know NIB = New in Box, for example, SIB = Sealed in Box

    Maybe keeping testers and decants separate from the full-size items?

    Or, an area for travel-sizes of items?

    Post count requirement
  14. I agree with all the feedback so far and am super excited to see this come to tPf! I prefer tPf to MUA but had been starting to lurk there more recently simply because of the swap ability
  15. I agree with all of this, also we should have wish lists so people know what they are willing to swap.