What do you like your bag to remind you of?

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  1. Okay this will sound crazy!! :P

    But have you ever loved a bag because it reminds you of something else you love in life? :love:

    For example.. I find myself always attracted to bags which remind me of food I love!! :blink:

    I have a small Fendi handbag that I got crazy about cause it reminds me of chocolates!! :shame:

    While I loved a Balenciaga bag that I saw its pics here -I don’t own it- because I adored the green apple color! :smile:

    And now I am into vanilla ice cream and caramel syrup craving.. so my next bag should have white or caramel to fulfill that!! :love:

    I loved the honey spy Fendi -I don’t own it!- cause it looked soooo yummy!! :amuse:

    loooooooool :lol:

    So.. what do you like your bag to remind you of? :nuts:
  2. I love bags that remind me of holidays, either because i bought them on holiday, or just because of the design or colour.
  3. :lol: That's interesting... I never really made the connection between the bags I own and food, but I do love to eat :nuts:
  4. My bags are usually bought to compliment an occasion that I've shared with the BF
  5. Hmmm...I never thought about it that way, but it is definitely interesting.
  6. now thats a happy reminder :biggrin:


    me too :lol:




    i guess i need therapy!! :P
  7. Never thought of it that way. I like jewelry that reminds me of special occasions or events.
  8. Interesting concept. I tend to buy bags that mark pivotal points in my life - new job, marriage, an important trip, etc. I tend to purchase bags for purposes like going to run errands, my job (more of a professional looking bag) and hanging out on the weekends. If they're functional and classy, I'm all over it!:amuse:
  9. I buy bags because I tend to "collect" or "hoard" them. It's an ongoing problem I have. When I was younger, I won't use a stationery set because I only have one set. I have to get two so I can use one and keep one locked away forever.

    There is one bag that looks like food and I want it. I can't remember who designed it but it looks like chocolate dripping over the bag.
  10. I named my speedy 30 the husband bag, because when we go out I end up carrying the things my husband doesn't want to carry, and he's always asking me to put something of his in my purse. So my speedy reminds me of my husband.
  11. i might as well then get a life :lol:
    oh yes.. jewely do tend to hold occassions..sometimes they can make you cry when u just hold them..u remember that occasion and that special person who gave you them:cry:


    thats another thing that (forces) me to buy a new bag! but the crazy food thing just (softly) talks me into buying a new bag :lol:


    oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are u like that too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i thought i was the only crazy kid at school!! i swear i have stationary i never ever used!! just kept the way they are.. because i like them!!:blink:

    so when i grew up older i thought God i must change that a bit and live my life and enjoy the stuff i buy!! so i started using things even expensive ones!!! and i certainly felt happier about it!!:nuts:

    now.. point me to that chocolate dripping bag if u may!! :lol:


    the "husband bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    awwwwwwwwww the sweetest thing i ever heard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
    now thats another reason they should consider buying us more bags!! <<i'm not married yet.. but i shall talk my dream man:shame: to put his stuff in my bag so that he gets convinced of its endless blessings!! :lol:
  12. I buy things that have a combo of light green and chocolate because it reminds me of mint chocolate chip.

    when my little sister was a baby, i used to always make her wear this one velour one piece jammie because it was light green with light brown trimming. so cute!
  13. I'll look it up when I get home later tonight. It's in that purse/handbag handbook I have.
  14. I convinced the hubby I needed a bag for our vacation. I usually carry his sunglasses, cigs, or keys....and whatever else he gives me....So he bought me the speedy 30! LOL!
  15. awww thanks sweetie..:shame:
    u know how sometimes i stop my craving for chocolates or sweets..? -i mean the real thing! looool-
    i'd splash the victoria's secret vanilla scented splash and drown myself with it.. then carry my lovely fendi chocolate brown bag and imagine i have fullfilled my craving without eating a sigle choco bar!!

    its unbelievably crazy:blink: .. i know!!:P but works well for me!!;)


    bless him!!