What do you like with/in your chocolate?

  1. caramel
    peanut butter
    rice crisps
    orange cream/orange flavor
    cherries/cherry cream
    wafers (like Kit Kats)
    coffee flavor/coffee beans
    other (please tell us)???

    I generally like chocolate plain, with rice crisps, or with caramel. I also like it in candy bars like Kit Kat, Twix, or Reeces Peanut Butter Cups.

    I like to dip fruit in melted chocolate (strawberries, apples, or bananas, usually.)

    I also started dipping pretzels in melted chocolate. A friend got me hooked on Nutella, and when I am out of that I might melt chocolate chips instead.
  2. Caramel and or almonds.
  3. Nothing in my dark chocolate.. it has to be all dark chocolate !

    Otherwise, almonds and hazelnuts.. yummy !
  4. Melted chocolated with rice crispies... then put it in the fridge to harden. My mom made this one time to get rid of some halloween candy that had melted and was deformed and I LOVED it.
  5. dark chocolate- with rasberry liquor. Like godivas cordials. Milk chocolate with almonds.Also love coffee and chocolate combinations in ice cream, etc.
  6. rasberry, YUM!
  7. peanut butter, coffee, rice crisps, or just plain...:drool:
  8. coffee truffle or nibs
    pretzel bits
    honeycomb toffee
  9. fruits.. especially pineapple, strawberries and banana..:heart:
    pound cake :drool:
    cream puff :heart:
  10. Plain milk chocolate, praliné, and I love Kit Kat Crunchy bars
  11. Anything lol. I love reeses cups so I make my own with a huge pizza tray, some cadbury choc and peanut butter, yummmm