What do you like most - and least - about yourself???

  1. We all have things we like and dislike about ourselves..whether it be physical attributes or personality traits, etc.

    My guess is we often focus on the things we perceive as negative about ourselves, and forget what we like about ourselves.

    So, let's all get to know each other (and ourselves!) better:

    What do you like most about yourself? What do you dislike/what would you change about yourself?

    I may as well go first:

    1. I love my baby blue eyes, and I think I have a nice smile. I am a good friend and family member, well-educated and traveled, am very good at my job, and have many and varied interests. I treat others well and consider myself generous.

    2. Physically, I wouldn't mind losing a few pounds, not a lot, just a few. Otherwise, I am kind of impatient (waiting is not my strong suit - hence the immediate purchase of my new LV last week!) I spend money freely, perhaps too much so at times (again, insert purchase of LV!) And I am a perfectionist, things often have to be "just so"...whether at work or at home. I am trying to work on improving all those things though!

    OK, guys, now it's your turn!!!
  2. Well...I like that I am normally very happy!

    I dislike the fact that I am not always patient with my kids!!!
  3. I love my sunny disposition, positive outlook on life, sharp wit, creativity, sense of style and the ability to see things objectively.

    I don't like my vulnerability/sensitive side all the time, my short legs, super pale skin, height (only 5' 4"), my tendency to be stubborn and my perfectionist streak.
  4. 1. I like my smile, sense of humor and kind disposition. I like being tall (5'10") and have been told I have the best sense of style. I am happy with my looks, I love the way my boyfriend and I look together in photos. I am a good daughter, sister, and loyal friend. I've been told I am wonderful working with children; I have this "way with them" is what I have been told. My patience knows no end.

    2. I am sensitive to a fault. I am a perfectionist, and sometimes too critical of others. I am generous, perhaps much too generous and too giving of my time.
  5. 1. I love my blue eyes, red hair and my legs. I love that i learn quickly and excel in school and work.
    2. I dislike that I am shy and turn bright red when speaking in front of others, i spend money on things i don't really need, and i am quick tempered. I despise the extra weight i have on me, but am working my butt off to make it disappear!
  6. what do i like most: i'm usually upbeat, i know how to stop and smell the roses, i'm a big kid at heart, i'm loyal, responsible, generous and fr the most part i'm kind. i genuinely care about people (well, most people most of the time). oh, and i'm not hard to look at. ;)

    what do i like least? i lack of patience, i can be lazy and i beat myself up when i make mistakes (even small ones). i'm much too sensitive for my own good sometimes. and my boobs could be perkier (but that's what plastic surgeons are for!)
  7. I like that I'm a level-headed, even-keeled person who can handle most crisis situations that life throws my way. On the flip side, I don't like that sometimes I don't let myself *feel* everything to the extent that I should. I guess I need to get in better touch with my feelings!

    I like that I was able to get BELOW my pre-pregnancy weight after having my 2 kids. I don't like that I now have a jittery, jiggly, stretch-marked inner tube of extra skin around my waist.

    I like that for being 32 (in a couple weeks!), I still get mistaken for being a college kid. I don't like that my youthful appearance is often the reason why I'm not taken seriously, especially at work.

    I like that I'm generally a good mom. I don't like that I lose patience with my kids when I really shouldn't. I also don't like that I sometimes take the lazy route and just put them in front of the TV when I need some alone time.

    I like my overall appearance...BUT I just realized that there isn't a single physical feature about myself that I particularly like or am proud of. Weird!