What do you like most about your gaucho?

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  1. Hi there,

    I am a handbag addict, and my buying history has mostly been Coach, Gucci, and LV. Within the last year though I am starting to be attracted to bags that are slightly more rare and that you don't see very much. I saw someone about two weeks ago in downtown Chicago and noticed a woman carrying a gauch bag. WOW!!! :yahoo: It really took my breath away. I love the vintage look! Anyway, I just wanted to go right to the source and ask what you like most about your bag? What about size? I generally like a roomy bag....anyway THANKS!! This may be one of my purchases as soon as my forced ban is off!!

  2. Hi windycityaj,

    I love the size of mine (medium sized gaucho tote) and the fact that it has two main compartments and a hidden zip pocket under the flap. I also love it for its casual and vintage look.

    Hope you get it when the ban's over. :yes:
  3. Hi! I have the medium one flap Gaucho in red............I love the fact that it's so well-made and "tough", that I won't ever have to be careful with it. Today I got some water on it and after 10 minutes it dried right away, leaving no stains on the leather at all. Also, its a gorgeous bag, diferent as you said, and timeless because of the coveted Dior signature shape.
    It's light on the shoulder, surprisingly, and easy to get in and out of...despite what some people think that it's a hassle...and it carries a lot
  4. g'day, i've got a medium denim gaucho and its currently the love of mt life! i chose the denim bcoz i've never seen any1 with it b4. I haven't seen any fake denims that even come close to the real thing. and the fact that its got a green tone in the denim makes it that much more eccentric.
  5. i liked my gaucho for the really lush colour (gold in a subtle, non-blingbling way) and the medallion/key on it and the shape of it. i've never been a big fan of their saddle bags, but this large saddle-ish one was just perfect.

    well my romance with the gaucho has now died after the rivets just POPPED OUT for no rhyme or reason on the third time of using it. to top it off, dior is taking incredibly long to get it fixed.
  6. Zerodross,

    I really really hope Dior does something with that gaucho. I'll really be pissed off if mine was broken just days after I shelled out £XXXX for it.

    Personally, they should repair it or replace it with another bag AND give you some kind of compensation for the hassle this has brought you. You really deserve it being a big Dior fan. :yes:
  7. oh thank you for your kind words Chrystalline!

    oh they're giving me HELL for it. seriously! apparently, they're shipping the rivets in from paris but well, i guess shipping rivets from paris takes more than 3 weeks to do so! and to top it off, they first told me the repairs would be free since it is under the 1 year warranty. then weeks go by, rivets aren't remotely in sight, called them up and they give me another spin - oh we're not charging you for the rivets..that's under the warranty, but we're charging you for workmanship because we're sending it to an external body to fix it. THANKS A LOT DIOR!!!!

    they offered me the option of an exchange/store credit that is good for a month, but i'd really rather have my gold gaucho. and since they're out of the gold gaucho, if i did an exchange, i'd have to try my luck with something else. the most evil part is, they have gold gauchos in their other branches, but they're REFUSING to order one in as a replacement for mine because they claim that since my gaucho can be fixed, they're not bringing in another just for me to exchange it.

    i am really disappointed with dior, truth be told. i had the bag for exactly a week when it broke and this is the kind of spiel they're giving me when it comes to fixing my bag. at this rate, as much as i love dior, i might have to consider just "appreciating it" and not buying it and simply convert to the chanel camp. :sad:
  8. Thanks so much for your input everyone!! I can't wait to purchase one after my ban is up!!! I will post pics at that time too!!

  9. YAY! A new Gaucho fan! I have the double saddle in off-white and I really like how much it can fit, and how comfortable the straps feel!

    Please post pics when you get one! I recommend the metallic finishes or the one with the embroidered croc patches.
  10. I have a double saddle gaucho and can get so much stuff in it. I love the leather and the fact the bag is just so different, I also have the matching gaucho shoes and the combination is quite stunning.