What do you like/don't you like about Dior's Gaucho?

  1. I finally found a small white gaucho bag but before I take the plunge tomorrow, I would like your opinions. For those of you who have it, what do you like about it and what don't you like about it. Would anyone recommend against getting it? Thanks in advance for your advice! :flowers:
  2. Good thread, I'm also a potential buyer, I wanted to ask...Is it a practical bag, for every day use?
  3. on first sight, I loved the bag then I thought about it (unusual for me) and I realized that the bag is so distinct in it's style that I think it gives new meaning to "trendy" - I think it's great if money is not much of a problem but for me, I need to stay more classic.
  4. The only thing I have heard that is a negative about the white is that it can pick up the dye of your jeans (and possibly other dark clothing). But of course, that could ahve been a fluke from one particular bag, but I would wait and hear if anyone else has had that problem.

    *I have never owned this bag either. I think its super cute, but I did hear this from a friend who had one.
  5. i have this bag in white. it does pick up dye from jeans. happened with mine. luckily i got most of it off with a baby wipe. there's still a slight trace of blue though. one of the plus parts, i have the large size, i can wear it as a messenger bag.
  6. can the small size we worn as a messenger? because that would be the reason why i want it. but i think for my heights, the large would be too big.
  7. I don't own the bag either, but have thought of getting one as well (maybe a medium)?? But after much thought, 3 weeks to be exact, I decided that it's just too trendy/rock chic for me. Maybe someone else can convince me to jump back onto the wagon? :idea:
  8. I LOVE the Gaucho!! I have two mediums.....one in white and one in the olive brown. I'm such a freak!!! I liked it so much that I wanted a summer and winter one. The white picks up denim....happened with mine and I used water with Dawn. It turned out fine and removed all of the blue, but it's back on again after wearing jeans. UGH!
  9. oops i meant the medium is the one i have the large is the double saddle. i'm pretty small so the mediium is wearable as a messenger.
  10. I love the gaucho. I have been on the fence about buying one. I think if i do it will be the red or blue one. I like that it can be worn as a messenger. It does have a ROCKSTAR appeal to it :yes:
  11. I jsut love mine. I have the medium in black so now orries with wearing jeans. I love the unique style and that it looks more sporty/trendy than elegant. It's really comfy to wear because the strap which sits good on the shlouder and the bag itself it's not to heavy. Go for it!
  12. I have the white medium gaucho. Same thing happened with my jeans, most wipes off though. Love it, very unusual color. I don't feel it is an every day bag though. I would not choose it as my only bag because the shape is not versatile enough for my wardrobe.
  13. OFF TOPIC:
    do the gauchos come with short straps/ handheld? thanks
  14. I love:love: the the gaucho as well ... I have the medium in olive brown. The leather is absolutely beautiful and find the design unique and fun. I've heard the double saddle is difficult to get in and out of, so the small and medium are very good choices.

    I've also heard that the gaucho will be in a metallic bronze for fall from an SA at Holt Renfrew (she saw it at a trunk show and said it was beautiful) ... so of course, I had to put my name down for one in medium.:graucho:
  15. Yes, it's the gaucho tote.

    I have the white gaucho and it only come with one size which is large. I also have the red medium single saddle. I just love these two bags!. The tote is so easy to get thing in and out of the bag. The single saddle is a shoulder bag and has an adjustable strap. Both are unique bags and both are pretty durable. I don't have any experience yet with the color transfered for the white and the red. Good luck! I think you will love the gaucho!:love: