What do you like/dislike about NYC?

  1. I live really close to NYC, but for some reason, I can't get over the unsanitary subways.

    I must admit, I love window-shopping and fishing for a good deal in Century 21. Also, good good japanese food... yumm. :heart:

    What's your dislike/love about NYC? Any recommendations for a casual dinner?
  2. Definitely dislike public transportation.

    I also dislike the conformity -- pockets of people who all act, look, talk and think the same -- especially in the creative industries: fashion, media, art.

    But what I really like are the parties; the people watching during Fashion Week (love the creative art students); dining at all hours, the ease of meeting people, both interesting and not; and the quirky stores.
  3. I love the public transportation! Well, it's not the cleanest, but I love being able to easily get anywhere without having to deal with a car or a cab...also, I love how places are open 24/7, and if you get hungry late at night, you can find food! (everywhere around me in Baltimore closes at 12 or 1AM mostly :sad:). And I love how there's so much to do, and so many people to see!

    Dislike? The sketchy guys who comment on you and such when you walk past them...I guess that's true in any city...but I remember that especially from the summer I spent @ Mount Sinai on the Upper East side...walking to work was kinda unfun sometimes... :rant:
  4. I visit often and I have noticed that people in seem to dress alike, even if its on-trend, rather odd for me. I dislike the high rents and the fact that you can no longer work part-time in a bookstore and still be able to afford a small apartment, like when my uncle moved to NYC to be an artist in the 70s.

    I love the energy in the streets - the variety of neighborhoods and quirky shops/restaurants. I like how the women dress for themselves, rather than in an overly sexy fashion. I love Central Park and the Upper East Side and well as the Lower East Side for going out at night. I love Barneys and Moma and the Met. I love the Whitney Biennial. Oh I could go on....
  5. :yes: yes to all of the above.

    I'd like to add that i hate the uneven pavement... Love the cobblestone roads and hate walking over them.

    I like public transportation, because i hate driving.

    I :heart: the fact that at anytime in a 24 hour day, there is always something going on in nyc.
  6. Plain & simple...hate the traffic...Love the scenry, shopping, and dining. Haven't been in awhile but planning on going sometime this year I only live maybe 4 hours aways so a weekend trip could do since I don't have vacation days off of work.:crybaby:
  7. Dislike: traffic and high cost of everything.

    Like: the fast pace, energy, overall vibe. The architecture. Central Park. Celebrity sightings. Amazing restaurants and world class shopping. Something to do 24/7!
  8. I love the shopping,culture,and the subway system. I dislike midtown though, its a tourist trap(no offense),its so crowded,and congested!:shame: . I also dislike the NYC traffic!!, the cabs in NYC cant drive to save their lives!:rant: .
  9. I dislike NYC cab drivers so much! I would say Traffic edges them out by a hair. Rush hour is just hell.

    I like, like almost everyone who posted, that things are open 24/7 and you can always find something to do. It's a very exciting feeling. :heart: The food is great and of course, the stores! :love:
  10. I hate the traffic. ...I hate the traffic....I really hate the :censor: traffic
    I LOVE the shopping, dining, nightlife, catching a broadway show, also catching a KNICKS game at Madison Square Garden...I simply love the excitement of the city :yes:
  11. After moving out of NYC 5 years ago, I can honestly say I loved everything about it except how expensive the cost of living is. I love the people, the shopping, the energy and I especially miss walking everywhere.
    As far as a casual place to eat. There's a restaraunt called Cabana. It's on 3rd ave around 60th, just north of Bloomies on the west side of the street. It's got great food and wonderful atmosphere.
  12. Like - one of my FAVE plsces in the world to visit - great shopping (love Century 21 too!), so much good food (Nobu and Jean-Georges rock my world!), love Central Park and tons of good memories since DH and I got engaged there

    Dislike - traffic! There's a bit too many people for me - I love to visit, but I think it would be touch to live there
  13. My only gripe is traveling during rush hour. Nothing like being squished on a train with 400 other ppl and a few of them smell like rotting garbage :throwup: :rant:
  14. Like:
    You can find anything and everything there
    There's a shopping district everywhere
    Busy around the clock, always something to do
    Cool architecture
    Tons of energy, especially at night in Times Square, etc.
    Subway system is super easy to use and gets you anywhere
    It feels like you know the city before you even go because of all the tourist destinations, tv/movie exposure

    Expensive everything
    Extreme weather (I'm from the west coast so I'm really unsused to those humid summers)
    Dirty subway stations
  15. traffic ! I love NYC , but could never live there . I need a yard , and be able to hear the crickets chirping at night , and sleep with my windows open on the ground floor . Did the city thing , over it .