What do you like/dislike about Chicago?

  1. I'm copying purexelegance! :shame:

    Any impressions from locals and visitors?

    I love everything about Chicago... arguably the most important city in terms of architecture. And everyone is so friendly!

    However, I do not understand the public transporation systems... I wish it was a little more streamlined! Hopefully it'll be easier to figure out than it seems upon first inspection!
  2. I love Chicago..The people are so nice there..PHH flies me out there once a year to go shopping..Love the mile!
  3. I hate driving there. Way too much traffic on the main streets. It takes forever to get anywhere, and the public transportation is not the best.

    I do like that the whole city is built on a pretty standard grid system, so locating where you are, and where you want to go are simple.
  4. I love it.

    I live there.. so Im a bit biased! ha-ha!

  5. I've never been, but I'm taking my daughter there in Sept. to go to the American Girl Place. We're very excited, it's a girls only trip, my mom, me and my girl!!! So, I'll definately be checking this thread.
  6. Like pidgeon92 said - the best part is that the city was preplanned really well. So is it REALLY difficult to get lost as streets are numbered and alphabatized.

    Also the shopping is phenomenal. The architecture is gorgeous (who doesnt love skyscrapers?!) The people (locals) are rude as hell. But I didnt realize how bad it was until I moved to Oregon. There are homeless people everywhere so dont be suprised. A lot of them earn money by giving tourist directions so if someone approaches you asking if you need directions they may be trying to earn some extra cash. Tax is outrageous but you get used to it. The lake is awesome. I really miss the beach. Summers are humid and winters are subzero at times but I really enjoyed having all four seasons. Oh yea there are usually flash floods and tornadoes... but you get used to the warnings when the appropriate seasons arrive. The snow in the winter can get out of hand but they are really good at salting and plowing. Keep in mind the salt is really bad for the paint and undercarriage of your car so always try to keep up on washing your car. The northside has some really nice neighborhoods. The southside can get a little rough. Just beware of your surroundings. ;) There has been a lot of change in recent years. Previously low income housing (projects) was mainly downtown. But Daley decided to beautify our city so he knocked down most of them (cabriny green and robert taylor homes) to make room for high priced condos. So many of the residents were shipped to section 8 homes in the suburbs.

    If you have any other questions feel free to PM me. I lived there until I was 18 and truely loved it. I still have family and friends there so I try to go back as often as I can. :flowers:

    PS: Be sure to support our Sox!
  7. I hate the traffic. Driving is a huge pain in downtown Chicago. Rush hour is absolute torture. Parking is astronomical ($20-30)

    The shopping is fantastic, the pizza is great, there are a billion things to do & it's pretty easy to navigate in the downtown area. It's amazing to look at the decorations on the Mile during Christmas and I'm a jew. lol. They have so many cool shops on side streets and there are lots of great clubs/dancing.

    I also *LOVE* Skokie (suburbs) where you can have the most incredible Corn Beef or Pastrami on Rye or Bagels n' Shmear. And don't get me started on the most amazing pancakes ever at Walker Bro's Restaurant in Highland Park.

    There is fantastic shopping in the suburbs of Chicago (Northbrook Court, Woodfield, Outlets, downtown Highland Park etc) and if you don't mind a small schlep, you can easily take the kids to Great America or Gurnee Mills/Outlets.
  8. I've never been to Chicago... but a friend and I are flying in for the day on the 27th to see Wicked! YAY!

    Unfortunately, I haven't met very many people that love Chicago... one of my friends hates it based only on the "crappy" skyline... he says it's too spread out. LOL!

    I must say though, it's so interesting to learn peoples' likes and dislikes about the same place :o)
  9. Lisa, you will always have my couch to crash on! Thanks, a friend already sent me a White Sox shirt! :yahoo:
  10. Overall, Chicago is a nice city. I find some people to be rude there, but the majority are nice. Also, with the construction going on(not sure if it's still active) into Chicago, traffic is a nightmare. Parking is also alot of money. Also, some of the surrounding areas can be rough, like mentioned, the south side. Christmas season is quite fun there because of all the decorations and shopping. There are also some parades that go on. The weather varies alot, and it isn't called the Windy City for nothing. On really windy days, up on the Sears Tower Skydeck(great view), among others, you can feel the building sway a little bit. During the summer, there are alot of people swimming at the beach, but be aware because some of the Lake Michigan beaches have been closed(but reopened) because of high bacteria levels. There is great shopping there, though, like the Magnificent Mile(and Water Tower), and the suburbs. Like mentioned, Woodfield, Orland Park, and definitely Gurnee Mills. Great restaurants also. It is a very fun and lively city.
  11. Fun, good resturants, there are some neighborhoods that have great historic homes, and the best thing is it is not California. Oh, and Intlset, please clear your inbox,...
  12. Irishgal, it's cleared for you! Sorry!
  13. I've been a couple times since I moved out to Indiana last year...and I love it! I must admit...I've only been to the Mile and one restaurant lol
    BUT...I've heard there is great museums and artsy things to do as well.
  14. I agree with those who said they hated driving there. The traffic takes forever to move, even on the freeways. When it does start moving along, people are driving super fast and cutting you off left and right. My life flashes before my eyes everytime I drive there.
  15. I love Chicago. One of my best friends lives there and I love visiting her. I especially love the shopping! The funny thing about my friend is we met when we both lived in Honolulu and she never stopped saying bad things about Chicago so the first time I went to visit her I was shocked at how beautiful it was.

    Since then I have been back there multiple times and I never get tired of it, there is so much to see and do. My friend says she appreciates it more when she sees it through my eyes but it still isn't her favorite place.

    I wouldn't live there because of the extreme weather (though I have been there many times in the winter and the weather has always been warmer than the Pacific Northwest where I live!). It's one of my favorite cities in the US. Peggy