What do you like about your LV bag?

  1. I like the suede interior of my looping mm bag.:love:
  2. What I like most about a certain bag depends on the bag but they all have one thing in common, how they make me feel :love:
  3. the smell of leather
  4. me too! i love how i feel carrying them.

    1. mono speedy: i love that it looks classy and subdued
    2. cerises speedy: i love how it's subdued and classy, and has a fun twist with the cherries!
    3. MC speedy: i love that it's big and colorful, even though i don't use it too much b/c it's kinda too flashy sometimes
  5. mono...durable, classic and simple everday bags
    mc....whimsical, fun and colour
  6. Mono Speedy - it's a cute classic that goes with everything

    Batignolles Horizontal - it's a comfortable shoulder bag that holds EVERYTHING!!

    Grafitti Pochette - it's a perfect evening bag that fits right under my arm so I hardly notice I'm carrying anything

    Mono Keepall 50 - perfect size for a weekend away and the mono looks so classy on luggage
  7. I love how durable they are and they go with everything! Well at least my damier and mono do!! :graucho:
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