What do you like about the Purse Forum ?

  1. Me I like...
    1. I like to talk with other members
    2. I like designer bags/I'm addicted to it lol
    3. I like celebrities
    4. I like other topics besides celebrities/ like the kitchen section...is because I love cooking.
    5. I love fashion
  2. i love LOVE that it feels like a community. i feel i can trust everyone and jsut be me without worrying what other ppl are thinking

    I love that i can induldge and ask anything and EVERYTHING and not be judged

    i love the celebrity section

    i love if i ever wanted to get anything off ebay i have SO many ppl that could help me out with authentciy issues

    i lvoe that i feel ive made friends on here

    i love that the PF has kept me from feeling sad and lonely in paris ( i know that sounds a bit gay but its true)

    overall i just love the PF. not jst cuz its about abgs (which i lve) but jsut the over al homey feel to it all
  3. I love EVERYTHING about this forum. I agreed 100% with what Baby Boo said. All the people here are friendly, nice, polite and helpful! I am so blessed I found this forum.
  4. I love everything about tPF, but most of all I love the MEMBERS!! You guys are all angels~
  5. I love how you can talk about any subject you like.

    I love the positive attitude and support that the members show each other.

    I love how we all share a passion for the same thing, and can talk about bags and designers openly.

    I love the Celebrity Section - it's so good I almsot don't have to buy gossip magazines anymore. Although I still do because they're soooo good.
  6. I think it's great to have like minded people I can talk to that understand purses addictions. I don't need to justify my purse purchases. In fact this forum helps my justify more purse buying (she just spent $4K on a purse, I only spent $1K, I'm not spending that much).

    I originally signed on to authenticate a purse, so that is something I really appreciate about the forum also.

    I agree this forum is like a community with great people.
  7. I don't feel guilty:smile:
  8. Being on the PF, is as similar to reading a fresh copy of Cosmopolitan Mag. :winkiss: :happydance:

    I don't think i will EVER leave this place....

    I LOVE everything about PF. I wouldnt even know where to pick out spefiics if I had to. LOVE IT ALL!!!!
  9. I love how respectful everyone is!
  10. PF is like my life and soul! :love: Everyone is like a huge family here and we all have one thing in common: love designer bags! This is the only place to turn to w/o feeling guilty about my spending. :P I love this place!!
  11. I love "vitually meeting" everyone that I've met so far and I'm looking forward to meeting so many more!! I am excited about making good friends here!

    I love reading about everyone's likes and dislikes.

    I love reading about the many different styles of bags.

    I appreciate the way that ya'll just let me join right in to all the discussions with me being so new!

    Thanks to everyone here!! :flowers: :heart: :yes:
  12. i like everything here.. especially the sharing of knowledge, understanding, kindness, and support......
  13. hee hee...I'm still buy gossip magazines. I think my mom, gets mad when I buy alot of gossip magazines lol.
  14. The biggest surprise to me is that it's so much more than purses!:smile:

    There is a place for ANY topic or concern.

    As another said, members are respectful and compassionate.

    I love the celebrity section (special thanks to Prada's Meadow, who posts the coolest stuff)

    I love learning about brands I've never heard of before

    I love the health and beauty advice

    I love talking about tv, music, sports--it's all here!

    I love that Vlad and Megs and the mods are really hands-on; it's so much more personal :heart:
  15. I love designer bags....and really it is an escape from my everyday chores, work and life...