What do you like about the paddy?

  1. This might sound like a stupid question but I would really like to know what has attracted you first to the paddy!?:love:

    I liked the bag from the first time I saw it but was afraid of the weight and the whole padlock thing...so I turned to Bal instead.

    I started contemplating getting one again only a few weeks ago...
    Why: I really wanted an ivory blanc bag for spring/summer and light bals have tendency to yellow. So I saw these lovely blanc paddys and was just smitten by the feminine and elegant look, as well as the great leather etc...:love:

    And you?
  2. My first paddy is a whiskey so obviously, i was smitted by the rich color of it. I luv how the leather feels and of course it is really slouchy it looks like a melting caramel, yum!!!:drool:
  3. I remember the first time I saw a pic of the paddy and was instantly in love with the unique triangle shape and the lush quality of the leather.

    The first one I saw in person was a craie and I knew I had to have it :love:
  4. Mmmmmm....would it be fair to say everything?:heart:

    I had a bit of money spare this time last year and i wanted to treat myself to a designer bag...the first bag that stood out, for me, was a Paddington, even though i knew very little of designer bags back then.

    I had to find a paddy, it was my sole ambition! And when i did finally find 'the one' it was a second-hand whiskey paddy...and i've not looked back since. Even added another to the collection.;)

    The leather is divine - thick and scrumptious, the style is beautiful, the padlock is eye-catching, the paddy is extremely well made...just the whole package.:love:
    I can't praise enough!!:smile:
  5. MMmmmm I liked the bream colours best, craie was my favourite! I think just the style of the bag really & I am a sucker for hype!
  6. The soft leather and the padlock and key.

    I've grown to appreciate the Chloe bags even more since I've been venturing out more into other brands. I bought a Prada and was very dissapointed in
    the workmanship and returned it. I have Dior, Jimmy Choo, Kieselstein-Cord, Marc Jacobs, Kors, but the leather on the Chloe bags is the best, second runner up is Marc Jacobs.
  7. My answer is........
    What's NOT to like?
    Especially the metallics and off white versions!!
  8. I was drawn to the two toned hardware and the lock. The leather is just icing on the cake.
  9. Needless to say, the paddy leather is fab:yahoo:, so thick and yet so soft!:heart:
    The funny thing is, I find the paddington reliable:yes:
    With Balenciaga bag, I feel I have to "protect" her but with the paddy, she is like someone who can take care of herself very well and I don't have to worry about her at all. Does that make any sense?:shame::jammin:
  10. Well I had a Bbag first then wanted a Paddy and got one. I use the Bbag more as it is comfier, ie, not as heavy! But I love the leather of the Paddy and all the hardware, it is such a well made looking bag
  11. Actually I liked the side belts, satchel shape and brown colours!
  12. It sings to me lol. i love the shape, the leather, the versatility of the paddy. It's very 'me' and the weight is a non issue thanks to lugging around 20 lb biology texts for 4 years