what do you like about louis vuitton?

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  1. What do you like about louis vuitton items?
    I like it cos it gives me status whenever i use it. well.. this isn't true in some case, but i just wanted to tell ya all,
    last week, i went to a mid-priced boutique carrying my monogram with me, i was assisted as if i am a 'queen', from my 1st step into the shop.. the impression start. after a while, i heard the other customer talking in other language that i am familiar with, saying about the bag i'm using has hypnotized the salesperson. The other customer were self-assisted. i feels bad after a while tough..:shrugs:

    anyway, i truly in love with LV. its not just becos it give me such a pride of using it, but the taste of elegant.
  2. i love the quality & of course giving me status as well. many ppl know me as the spoiled child .. haha =x
  3. I like Vuitton because the bags are made well, they are classic, never go out of fashion and they have lots of different styles. Nothing to do with status for me! x
  4. Classic and never goes out of style! In any season at all!
  5. I love that LV is the most talked about and most copied brand. I know it bugs people that it's so faked. Trust me, I hate fakes as much as the next person. But I love that I can own an authentic sought after brand.
  6. i love the designs of the bags i buy
    its a well known brand
    i can resale my bags without taking a huge loss
    i can share my bags with my mom
  7. i love the design of the bags and that the value are always there(never go on sales..) and yeah! i do enjoy the status whenever someone around me recongise the bags..
  8. I love the boutique experience and the customer service, nut most of all I like the design of the goods. They are playful, yet classy. I think the japanese influence combined with european elegance and french chic is perfect. ^_^
  9. I like the style, the elegance, the name

    I also like that it's expensive. Not in a way to brag about money (Believe me, I have to save for a looooong time to buy a new bag) but it shows other people I give a lot about fashion and style and I adore the items I chose.
  10. I purchase for the style and quality.
  11. Can't explain my obsession but defn not about status. A bit sad if you need LVs to elevate your status.
  12. Genrally keep their price.

    Always look classy.

    Can make an outfit just 'look' better.

    Never go on sale, so i dont feel guily buying at 'non-sale' times.

    Made VERY well

    Generally great service in store
  13. I love LV because first, the style does not go out of style. It is also elegant and can add some class to an outfit. Although some of the latest designs are highly questionable.
  14. This topic has been covered a few times in the past... perhaps try using the search feature next time. ;)
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