What do you like about hermes?


Mar 19, 2006
Same qn as the title. What do you like about the hermes? Do you buy its clothes? Or you're just interested in the bags? Do you buy its other bag designs?

Me? I love its clothes but only for this season cos' Jean Paul-Gaultier has made huge improvements to his designs. Bags? No. Maybe birkins.....still waiting. Kellys? Don't know. Scarves? Gorgeous!!! I can wear it as a halter-neck top to the beach with my bikini underneath. Not forgetting........hot guys at the beach!!!! oooooo lalala......;)
I agree with happy1. Hermes has its own exclusivity which leads to not being too commercialise like other luxury brands eg. Fendi, LV and Dior. Many of the items of above mentioned brands only last for a few seasons. Almost everyone are carrying the same thing.
The fact that they don't seem to have fake Birkins in Chinatown, or that my coworkers are not carrying fake Birkins because it is not a hot brand (they carry fake LVs). Perhaps it's because Hermes hired a law firm to crack down on fakes.
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Everything!:biggrin: Love the craftsmanship and all the little details they put into everything. You can look at the same scarf so many times and each time see something new that you missed. It's all just so beautiful! :love:
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